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From the Misc File seen on CN8 – 2004 All Turkey Team

For those of you that missed last week’s show, here is another installment of the “Misc File”.  Last Wednesday on Comcast CN8 New England’s Sports Pulse show, we talked about this year’s All Turkey Team.  By turkeys, we mean those guys that were highly touted on draft day that have been turkeys this year.  Let’s get right into it…


Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle
There were high hopes in Seattle that Holmgren and Hasselbeck were going to take the next step in creating the Seahawk dynasty.  Well, to at least get them into the playoffs.  As a result, Hasselbeck’s value inflated to the point where he was the #4 quarterback on some draft boards.  All the signs were there that this was going to happen, including the fact that Darrell Jackson and Koren Robinson were both healthy.  Simply put, it hasn’t happened this year and Hasselbeck has been a tremendous disappointment.  Only 11 TD throws with 10 interceptions.  The guy has had more games throwing for less than 200 yards (3) than games he’s gone over 300 yards (1). 

Jeff Garcia, Cleveland
Far be it from us here at to say we told you so, but….we told you so.  Garcia never fit in with the offense in Cleveland.  The signs were there even in preseason when he was getting sacked at an alarming rate and the Browns did nothing about it.  Only 10 TDs with 9 interceptions and more games under 100 yards (2) than over 300 (1). 


Kevan Barlow, San Francisco
Barlow was projected as a top 10 back on draft day and has seriously underperformed this season.  It’s gotten to the point now where no named players are getting more yards than he is on a regular basis.  Averaging less then 60 yards per game and only 6 TDs on the season. 

Travis Henry, Buffalo
Henry was certainly a draft day risk with McGahee healthy and raring to go, but still, Henry was a guy that was likely within the top 20 at the position on draft day.  He could not hold off the youngster, losing his job very early in the season, so much so that he wasn’t even splitting time.  366 total yards on the season, ouch.

Honorable mention: Stephen Davis, Carolina
I don’t like to include guys on this list that missed a ton of time due to injury, but in this case, Davis warrants a mention.  Top ten on draft day, only played in two games before benig put on injured reserve.


Santana Moss, NY Jets
All three of these guys could be grouped together since they were likely ranked around 8-12 at WR on draft day, but we start with Moss since he was the highest rated of the three.  Barely inside the top 50 at the position, one TD and 50 yards per game on the season. 

Laveranues Coles, Washington
Another top 10 WR on draft day, the return of Joe Gibss was going to somehow stimulate this offense(?) but it never happened.  Barely a top 30 WR right now, one TD on the season, 60 yards per game average.

Peerless Price, Atlanta
Probably the most disappointing of the three since many were saying that his struggles last year were only because he missed Michael Vick.  That doesn’t look like it is the case and the great year he had in Buffalo two years ago tells me that he’s more suited for the complementary WR role and not the star WR role.  Only 2 TD and 369 yards this season.

Honorable Mention:  Steve Smith, Carolina
Tough break in week one, broken leg in garbage time of the first week.

Honorable Mention:  Randy Moss, Minnesota
When a guy enters the season as the top one or two guy, you expect a lot of production.  What hurts more is when Moss was a “game time decision” and did not play, forcing fantasy owners to have him in their lineup getting zero points. 


Todd Heap, Baltimore
One of the vaunted “big three”, played in only 2 games.  Yes, I know this is in violation of my “injury” rule here, but when the TE position was supposedly going to be very thin, those that took Heap early on got burned very badly. 

Freddy Jones, Arizona
When the position of TE goes 8-10 deep during the season, and a guy that was in that top 10 on draft day is not one of those guys, he’s a turkey in my book.  Well inside the top 10 on draft day, barely in the top 20 now, 29 catches and 1 TD on the season.

Honorable Mention: Kellen Winslow, Cleveland
High hopes for the rookie dashed with injury week 2.


Mike Vanderjadt, Indianapolis
That’s right, there ever are kickers on my turkey list.  What a horrible season for Vanderjadt, one of the top 2 on draft day and he’s done nothing at any point this season to warrant that ranking.  Though again, this is why we always recommend that you grab a kicker in the last round of your draft, you never know what is going to happen from one year to the next.  Vanderjadt’s troubles started in week one when he called out the Patriots fans and then choked.  The Colts are simply scoring too many touchdowns to make Vandy even a factor this season. 

John Kasay, Carolina
Kasay was one of those draft day sleepers.  A top 10 guy on draft day, #30 right now, 8 FG on season, Carolina not scoring period.

Honorable Mention: Olindo Mare, Miami
Even though on a bad team, it was thought that the Dolphins would at least be able to score some field goals.  Mare has usually been very reliable but was injured much of the season.


Dallas Cowboys
Many people, including Bill Parcells, thought the Cowboys would continue their rise on their way to the Super Bowl.  This just hasn’t happened.  Last year’s success really prevented the Cowboys from continuing their rebuilding process (Vinny Testaverde and Eddie George??).  As a result, the offense struggled which in turn puts the defense on the field too often.  The new defensive rules had an adverse affect on this team as well.  These guys were  top ten on draft day, ranked dead last right now, 7 turnovers and 18 sacks.

St.Louis Rams
No matter how the Rams have done on offense, this has traditionally been a team that gets plenty of turnovers and return TDs.  Us fantasy folks don’t really care much about yards allowed or even points allowed, just get to the quarterback and get into the end zone.  No one really knows what is going on in St.Louis this year, including Mike Martz.  As a result, the defense has only generated 10 turnovers and scored twice. 

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