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Frustrated Incorporated

Players on losing teams frustrations are at an all-time high. Fantasy owners are losing their patience with defunct offenses. Transactions are at an all-time high. Suddenly the waiver wire dries up, and owners are forced to lie in the bed they made during the draft. Misery does love company.

Someone did start a company to make misery.

It’s called the Detroit Lions. Where the receivers have skills and no one can get them the ball. Where the running backs complain about the work load. Where it isn’t the quarterback’s fault. They are clearly the worst team in football.

Detroit started franchising misery, and at first there were no takers.

First, the Bengals signed up. They chose a running back to start that hasn’t stayed healthy in three seasons. They cut loose the veteran who carried the rushing game in years past. They signed an uninterested, unproven and volatile runner whose off-the-field problems per season are higher than his yards per carry. Bringing back a repeat offender and making him a team captain in one of the early games because he’s so misunderstood.


St. Louis decided to sign up.

They brought in a master of misery, Scott Linehan. He took the heat on the defense when the defensive coordinator should have been fired. Then the madness started, benching Marc Bulger and cutting Faqhir Brown. He even angered posterboy Steven Jackson, who he wasn’t using enough. Now they let the guy who couldn’t do his job effectively take on more responsibility as “interim” head coach.

Owners are frustrated with this Sunday’s weak performances. They are:

Rudi Johnson – 5 carries, 23 yards and 3 rec., 9 yards. (yeah, I’m the starter.)

Calvin Johnson – 2 catches, 16 yards (Waiting for the ball …)

Matt Hasselbeck –11-21 for 105, 1 INT (Look for John Carlson and Bobby Engram)

LenDale White – 3 carries, 4 yards (ride some pine)

Larry Johnson – 7 carries, 2 yards (1700 yards, 17 TD’s isn’t happening)

John Carlson – Just plain zero.  (enough said)

Tony Gonzalez – 3 rec., 17 yards (under utilized and frustrated)

Brandon Marshall – 3 rec., 25 yards (will bounce back this week.)

St. Louis was on a bye or there’d be three players represented here. (Can’t lose if you don’t play.)

Aside from Marshall and White, all these have something in common. They are members of defunct offenses and have plenty to say when they lose. Losing gets the emotions flowing, and in the heat of the moment under the media spotlight, players will let go all of the regrets.

Airing the dirty laundry is common practice these days. Following the spin that the media puts on it, players often will retract or apologize for these statements. Expect to see it more often with the aforementioned franchises.

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