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Games to Watch – Conference Championship Weekend

Ok, I feel better.  Not better better, but better.  If you were with us last week, you may remember I wasn’t too happy with myself.  I completely blew the Wildcard Weekend article picking the two worst games of the week.  The Divisional playoff article was much better.  The problem is that all the games last week were good.  That’s not really a problem, it’s great, except that it didn’t make me feel much better about myself.  I’ll stop whining in a second but I’ll just mention that I was very nervous when the first game of the weekend (Panthers-Rams), which I had not picked as a GTW went into the second overtime.  You could certainly argue that I did miss the picks but I can also argue that the games that were picked did not disappoint.  The whining ramble is now officially over.  This week is, of course, the Conference Championships.  Do yourself a favor and watch both games.  But before you do, go ahead and read on for some reasons why both are Games to Watch…


Top Shelf


Indianapolis at New England                                 Sun. January 18 @ 3:05pm ET on CBS


Summary:  The age-old struggle of Power vs. Balance.


Hot Tip: Maybe if I pick Peyton Manning here, it will jinx him.  He’ll have the game of his life (and that’s saying a lot!).


If Manning is going to have the game of his life, he better have something up his sleeve.  This is not your grandfather’s Chiefs defense.  When they faced each other in the regular season, the Colts did put up 34 points but were denied on 4 straight plays to wrap up the game for the Pats.  Both teams will put the “Defense wins championships” saying to the test this weekend.  The Patriots trying to prove that it’s true while the Colts prove they can go the distance without a defense in sight.  Beyond that, these are absolutely two very smart, well-coached teams who will be ready for each other.  The weather won’t be a factor (just like last week) but the home-field advantage could definitely come into play.  May the best team actually win…


Also on Tap

Carolina at Philadelphia                             Sun. January 18 @ 6:48pm ET on Fox


Summary:  The two best teams in the NFC have made it to this game.


Hot Tip:  Donovan McNabb will once again account for much of the Eagles offense in this one.


Here’s some more defense for you.  These two teams may need to pinch themselves to believe they’re really playing in this game.  The Eagles have ridden the rollercoaster since their horrible start to the season.  Now, they try to avoid becoming the Buffalo Bills of the Division Championships.  The Panthers have scraped their way through the season winning 7 games by 3 points or less.  It appears uncertain whether Stephen Davis will be able to play.  No problem since DeShaun Foster is ready to fill right in.  Either way, the Eagles defense won’t make the mistake of thinking the Panthers’ can only hurt them by running the ball.  The Panthers defense has a similar problem but you can be sure they’ll be focused on stopping Donovan McNabb any way they can.


The winners will duke it out for the glory and the trip to Disney World.  No matter who you’re rooting for, may they all play well, may there be no controversial calls, and may the best teams win.  We’ll wrap it up in Houston

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