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Games to Watch – Week 11

It’s amazing how much this NFL season has been like last year’s.  No specific stats to reference here, just the feeling that you have no idea what to expect.  The teams you thought were going to be good all of a sudden suck and the teams you thought were going to suck are good.  This certainly isn’t true across the board, but it’s true enough to make each week a roll of the dice.  How about teams that start out sucking and then get good?  Did anyone notice the Eagles are 6-3?  Everyone thought they were going to be great before the season started.  Then they took 3 tries to win their first game at the new stadium and everyone was questioning McNabb’s manhood.  Now all of a sudden, they’re looking to win number 6 straight.  They’ve taken over the roller-coaster ride from last year’s Raiders.  Who?  The Raiders?  Don’t get me started on the Raiders…


There were lots of good games last week and we even picked a couple of them.  Watching the Titans fry the fish was a lot of fun, even if you were in the nosebleed seats, like me.  And seeing Carolina back up their win earlier this season with another win over the Bucs was great.  I just wish we had picked the Packers-Eagles game over the Ravens-Rams.  Neither one was a game for the ages but the Eagles comeback win on MNF made it a Game to Watch and gets them back into this week’s column.  Let’s roll the dice and see who comes up interesting this week …


Top Shelf


Dallas at New England                                Sun. November 16 @ 8:30pm ET on ESPN


Summary:  The Tuna Reunion Tour pulls into Foxboro.


Hot Tip:  The entire Dallas Cowboys team.  Not just the #1-ranked Defense, but the whole team.


Here’s what I’m talking about.  How is it that the Cowboys are leading the NFC East going into week 11?  I just don’t get it.  But they’re there.  They’re 7-2, just like the Patriots and this will be a great game.  This is one of those games where the coach who prepares his team the best will win.  The Patriots are coming off a Bye week which can be either good or bad.  Tune in on Sunday night to find out which it is.


Also on Tap


NY Giants at Philadelphia                           Sun. November 16 @ 1:00pm ET on Fox


Summary:  Division rivalry.  That’s all.


Hot Tip: Donovan McNabb is looking like Donovan McNabb again.


As stated above, the Eagles are supposed to be 6-3 at this point in the season.  What’s weird is the way they got there, not to mention the fact that they’re looking up at the Dallas Cowboys.  They’re playing really well right now and they’re going for their 5th straight win.  The Giants are not playing particularly well right now.  Last week, they helped the Falcons break out of their 7-game losing streak.  However, the Giants always play the Eagles tough and we’re rolling the dice this week.  Check this one out and then check back next week to hear me brag or grovel.


Green Bay at Tampa Bay                           Sun. November 16 @ 4:15pm ET on Fox


Summary:  I just realized this was a Battle of the Bays.


Hot Tip: Warren Sapp should have a field day with Favre’s fake thumb.


Are both of these teams really 4-5?  Two more examples of how crazy this year has been.  They’re both coming off tough losses and trying to figure out what happened to their season.  I would expect both teams are starting to panic and would like to get back on track.  Both are good teams with more than their share of pride, but only one will start to turn the ship around this week.  Which one will it be?


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