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Games to Watch – Week 12

Hello fellow Sharks! From now right up through Week
17, we’ll be giving our insight as to which games are the ‘games to watch’ each
week. This is a heavy burden, as we know a lot of you have Sunday Ticket, too
much free time, and an addiction to premium brews like Natty Lite or Yuengling.
A lot of you know us from our weekly podcast on this site (the Fantasy PRE-Wind
podcast), and our “Sine Lines” sport-toon (every Mon, Wed, Fri), or maybe one
of our posts in the Tank. We’re just like you, though. We love a good football
game, no matter who’s playing.

All times Eastern:

It’s that time of
year again; the crisp air of fall has giving way to the first chilly stirrings
of winter, people are traveling to visit their families and friends, you can
almost smell the turkey you know will be roasting away to make the Thanksgiving
holiday festive, and a few of you have even made sure all your pants have
elastic in them to accommodate your post-holiday waist. And while some people eat turkey with all the
fixings, and others are happy to grab a turkey sub from the local deli, all of
us will be doing the same thing this Thanksgiving and this holiday weekend. Oh
sure, we’ll all be thankful for all the good things in our lives – but that’s
not what we were talking about. We’re
talking about one of the most important things about the Thanksgiving holiday –
football, football, and more football.
And since we know that you’ll be watching every game you can get your
eyes on from Thursday to Monday, we bring you our annual Thanksgiving special –
where we give you the short but sweet reasons you should watch EVERY game this

Green Bay



– Thursday 11/26,


Detroit isn’t nearly as bad as they were
last Thanksgiving… wait, scratch that. Detroit wasn’t as bad as they were last
year right up until QB Matthew Stafford and WR Calvin Johnson got injured and
are most likely going to be sidelined on Thanksgiving. Watch this game to see one of the NFL’s best
young QBs,

Aaron Rogers (2788
yds/19TD), and the Green Bay offense which can be as explosive
as any team out there. And if you don’t watch this game, you’re likely to be
drafted into helping cook Thanksgiving dinner… and we all remember what
happened last time you did that. Play it
safe; watch the Packers and Lions.




– Thursday 11/26,


This one
has the guilty allure of a B grade soap opera. Let’s be honest, Dallas has been playing very poorly as
of late and was a missed FG away from losing at home to Washington. Oakland comes off of a big win against
Cincy. This game is much closer in everyone’s mind than it was 5 days ago, intriguing
enough to wonder what is going to happen next to either team, on this
installment of “As the Cowboys Turn”.
This game hinges on whether

(2624yd/15TD/7int) will show up and if the Oakland defense, lead by LB

Kirk Morrison (84tkl/2forced fum),
can pull out a win – because we all know the Raider offense isn’t up to that
(or any) challenge.

New York

Giants @


– Thursday 11/26,


Who are the only two NFL teams that started the season with at least a 5 game
win streak and then followed it up with a four game losing streak? If you answered the Giants and Broncos, you
get the first drumstick at your Thanksgiving table. On a short week, the edge
goes to the home team.

Eli Manning
(2454yd/18TD/9int) is the only QB guaranteed to play, but bet on

Kyle Orton (2202yd/11TD/5int) being
ready to find
(628td/52rec/6TD) open in space. Fear of falling out of the Wildcard race is
the motivator here, which tells us this is going to be the best game of the
Thanksgiving lot. Eat your wife’s pecan pie in front of the set and get ready
for two hard hitting teams to put on a show we can all be thankful for.

Brandon Marshall





– Sunday 11/26,


Josh Freeman is the future at QB for Tampa, and while he’s making rookie mistakes,
that win under his belt certainly gave the Bucs a light at the end of the

Matt Ryan isn’t matching his outstanding 2008 season and is struggling this

Division rivalries often can make closer games than you think. (Just ask Dallas has easy division rival Washington was last week.)

Watch the difference maker in this contest be

Jason Snelling (259yd/3TD) starting in place of the injured

Michael Turner (831yd/10TD).




– Sunday 11/26,


Hey Bills
fans and

Terrell Owens (563yd/35rec/2TD)
fantasy owners, did you like your week last week? It might be just as fun for
you this week – statistically, Miami gives up more ppg than the Jags.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (659yd/3TD/6int)
makes it two in a row for you.

(667yd/8TD) has been outstanding when Miami finally turned him loose this
year, so those of you that handcuffed Ronnie Brown are going to love Ricky
against one of the NFL’s worst run defenses.




– Sunday 11/26,


In the
battle for Ohio, this game has all the luster of
a lump of coal. On the bright side,

(735yd/50rec/5TD) is due for another fine game or at least will
come up with an entertaining antic. It’s like watching a young kid go ice
skating for the first time in their life – you count the seconds before they
end up falling. (Don’t judge us – we know we’re winding up in Hades when we
die.) Watch this game to see “What will
Ocho do next?” and how much will he be fined for it?


@ New York Jets – Sunday 11/26,


Carolina started out slow, but has come on
as of late, but still sport a losing record at 4-6. The Jets were hot out of the gate, but teams
have been making QB

Mark Sanchez
(1791yd/10TD/16int) look like the rookie he is as of late, and also languish at
4-6. But it’s all good – do your fantasy
football thing, and watch the Panthers’

(599yd/45rec/4TD) and the Jets’

(884yd/8TD) have great games. Also, believe it or not, both teams are
(shockingly) still in the hunt for playoff births.




– Sunday 11/26,


rivalry game this week, and while Washington’s playoff hopes are pretty much
dead, Philly is trying to make up for some tough AFC West losses and return to
the playoffs this year. Washington was a FG kick away from playing spoiler last
week and their defense is ranked 1st against the pass in the entire NFL, especially
due to play like what we’ve seen so far from CB

DeAngelo Hall (43tkl/4int). As for Philadelphia, the Dr. Jekyll and
Mr. Hyde team they have will always have you guessing what team is going to
show up, just like which

Donovan McNabb
(1929yd/14TD/5int) is going to show up – the one who hits his young WRs in
stride, or the one who hits his receivers right in the shoes. But no matter which McNabb shows up, Philly
coach Andy Reid won’t be able to help himself from calling more pass plays than
a game of Super Techmo Bowl.




– Sunday 11/29,


weekend’s version of the shootout at the OK Corral features two of the NFL’s
top gunslingers, Indy’s

Payton Manning
(3171yd/21TD/9int) and Houston’s

(2958yd/19TD/9int). But the
fun doesn’t end there, with two of the NFL’s top talents at wide-out in the

Reggie Wayne (968yd/76rec/8TD)
and the Texans’

Andre Johnson (878yd/58rec/6TD)
you’ve got plenty to keep you entertained in this game. The only thing that might get passed more
than the ball in this game are the Thanksgiving fixings at your table.

Kansas City


San Diego

– Sunday 11/29,


Kansas City comes into the game riding high after an upset of
the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend. San Diego is just as confident after
beating the Denver Broncos convincingly.
So we get treated to a showdown in the AFC between two teams in the
wide-open West division. The only
difference is that

Matt Cassel (1720yd/12TD/6int)
doesn’t have the supporting talent that

(2621yd/17TD/6int) does. Will

Chris Chambers (371yd/19rec/3TD)
get revenge on the team that cut him loose?
Just like you, we’re just going to have to watch this one to find out




San Francisco

– Sunday 11/29,


After starting
out a less-than-stellar 3-4, the Jags have put together three straight
wins. We just have to see if they can
make it four in a row against a scrappy 49ers squad that plays its best
football at home. And if you needed any
other reasons, we have a couple more for you, no matter which team you are a
fan of… San Fran’s

Patrick Willis (96tkl/2.5sack/2forced
fum) should top the 100 tackle mark in this contest, and show you why San Fran
is able to hang in so many games on the back of their defense. Oh yeah, we almost forgot – you probably
don’t need any other reason to watch this game other than the fact that

Maurice Jones-Drew (926yd/13TD) is
playing in it.




– Sunday 11/29,


An NFC North
battle between two teams sporting new QBs this year. Gee, we wonder who is happier with their QB –
the Vikings fans with

Brett Favre (2482yd/21TD/3int),
or the Bears fans with

Jay Cutler (2524yd/15TD/18int)? But let’s be honest, even if the QBs for both
teams were playing statistically even right now, Minnesota’s

Adrian Peterson (999yd/11TD) is one of
the NFL’s true studs at running back and would make Minnesota the favorite in
this contest. A must-win, statement game
for Chicago, we expect this one to be tougher
than it looks for the Vikes.




– Sunday 11/29,


We are dying
to see this game simply to see if Tennessee can continue its climb out of the
abyss and get back into Wildcard contention.
After looking horrible in their first six contests, the Titans have roared
back with four straight wins and look like a different team. They can thank the NFL’s top rusher,

Chris Johnson (1242ruyd/8ruTD/262recyd/1recTD)
for that. And Arizona can thank

Kurt Warner (2718yd/20TD/11int) and the fact that they play in the
weak NFC West for their Super Bowl appearance last year, and their 7-3 division
leading record this year. On commercial
breaks, you can argue with your cousin Carl about whether his mustache looks better than Jeff Fisher’s.




– Sunday 11/29,


All we can
think about when we heard this match-up was the black and the purple. Not the
jersey colors, the bruises sure to be left on both of these squads following
this always entertaining AFC match-up.
Sure they have their share of outstanding offensive players, but this is
a working-man’s defensive slugfest.
We’ll be watching the Ravens’

(83tkl/2sack/2forced fum) playing like a man 5 years younger and the

James Harrison(55tkl/10sack/4forced
fum) playing like… well, a younger Ray Lewis.
Now if only both teams hadn’t already lost to Cincinnati… twice. Well, that’s what Wildcard berths are for –
and we expect both of these teams to be in the hunt for one.

New England


New Orleans

– Monday 11/30,


We wrap up the
Thanksgiving holiday weekend with a clash between two of the NFL’s best
offenses, New Orleans and New England.

Tom Brady (3049/20TD/6int) might not
match his 50 TD season this year, but he’s still one of the NFL’s best signal

Drew Brees (2746yd/22TD/9int) might have given Brady’s TD record a
run for his money, if the Saints rushing attack wasn’t equally as potent as
their passing attack. With both team’s
defenses improved from last year, we fully expect to see both of these two
teams go deep into the playoffs – and we get to see a possible Super Bowl
preview in November. That’s something we
can ALL be thankful for.

Well, we’ve
served you up some heaping sides of NFL deliciousness, and wet your appetite
for this Thanksgiving football weekend.
So fill up your plate, grab a drumstick, and give thanks for good
family, good friends, good food, and three days of good football. Happy Thanksgiving from Chris, Tom, and the
whole FantasySharks family to you!

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