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Games to Watch – Week 5

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’m eating crow this week.  Last week’s nationally televised games were about as impressive as we thought they’d be.  Everyone got to see Peyton Manning put on a huge air show but for the most part, the games sucked.  Enough about that.  The games that we thought would deliver, did.  KC-Baltimore was a well played game decided by special teams.  Tennessee-Pittsburgh was even better, especially if you’re a Titans fan.  San Fran-Minnesota turned out the way we thought it would but we thought San Fran would at least show up. 


This week’s column writes itself.  There are three games that jump right out of this week’s schedule.  I hope they’re as good as we think they’ll be and I hope the rest are great too.  We’re getting to the point where it’s real interesting to see who’s still undefeated, especially when they go toe-to-toe.  Let’s see who’s packing on the weight looking for that heavyweight crown…


Top Shelf


Indianapolis at Tampa Bay                        Mon. October 6 @ 9:00pm ET on ABC


Summary:  Unstoppable force vs. immovable object.


Hot Tip:  The pattern suggests that it’s finally Marcus Pollard’s turn to tear off a career day.


Last week, Peyton Manning returned to New Orleans and put on a show.  This week, Tony Dungy returns to Tampa Bay with an undefeated team and an offense that’s as potent as any in the NFL.  He’ll face one of the most dominant defenses in the NFL, and it’s coming off a bye week.  This is definitely the heavy-weight bout of the week and it’s on MNF.  Tune in to see which team is still standing after this train wreck.


Also on Tap


Denver at Kansas City                                Sun. October 5 @ 1:00pm ET on CBS


Summary:  Only one team can come out of this one undefeated.


Hot Tip: Can Dante Hall return a kick for TD in his 4th straight game?!


Week 5 and we’re already talking about the close competition in the AFC West.  Actually, it’s not that close this year.  It could get a little closer this week though as one of these 4-0 teams gets its first loss.  Both of these teams now come complete with defense and everything.  Keep an eye on the status of Clinton Portis in this one.


Tennessee at New England                        Sun. October 5 @ 1:00pm ET on CBS


Summary:  Rematch of the game of the century (see last year’s week 15 for details).


Hot Tip: Is there any more room on that Steve McNair bandwagon?


This one’s automatic.  The great thing is that it’s in the #3 spot.  Those other two games are going to be really good.  I hope this one is too.  Last year, these two teams faced each other on MNF in Nashville.  The Titans tore the Patriots apart while Madden and Michaels tore apart the Coliseum’s field.  This time, they’re playing in Gillette Stadium on Sunday but I think the outcome might be the same.  The Titans are feeling pretty good these days and the Patriots’ roster doubles as its Injury Report.  This one will be down and dirty and definitely fun to watch.

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