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Games to Watch – Week 6

You’ve got to love October.  Last week, the NFL was exciting enough for anybody.  Throw in the MLB playoffs and we’re way over the top.  Now, add the beginning of the NHL and NBA seasons and we’re in heaven.  There’s something for everyone on any night of the week.  This is when the big-screen TV that allows you to watch 4 different things at once, or 2 games side-by-side really pays off.  This week, like weeks past, there are a number of games that will surprise everyone by going into overtime, going down to the wire, or featuring more offense than anyone expected.  Let’s take a look at which games should show up in your pip box this week…


Top Shelf


Carolina at Indianapolis                             Sun. October 12 @ 1:00pm ET on Fox


Summary:  Two unbeaten teams face off in week 6.


Hot Tip:  In this article, Ricky Williams is rarely a “Hot Tip”.  But when it’s “the other” Ricky Williams that you’re talking about, he fits right in.  If Ed James sits out another game, and it looks like he will, Williams will step up again and make the plays.


Indianapolis looks unbeatable right now.  Last week, we featured them in their game against Tampa Bay and billed it as “The unstoppable force against the immovable object”.  In the first half, the immovable object won out, but in the second half, the unstoppable force kicked its ass.  Carolina has not been nearly as flamboyant in going 4-0 so far.  They’re not doing it all with defense either.  They rank 22nd in Total Defense this year.  Instead, they’ve scratched and clawed their way through some very tough games behind the running of Stephen Davis and the strategically excellent play of QB Jake Delhomme.  Side note: Kudos to Carolina DE Mike Rucker for landing NFC Defensive Player of the Month (September) honors.


Also on Tap


San Francisco at Seattle                            Sun. October 12 @ 8:30pm ET on ESPN


Summary:  This division match-up might be better than you think it’ll be.


Hot Tip: Normally, Shaun Alexander wouldn’t be a “Hot Tip”, but it’s Sunday night so he might just put up a 400 yard game…


The NFC West looks very weird this year.  Seattle still looks great despite losing to Green Bay last week.  San Francisco still doesn’t look real good despite beating the Lions 24-17 last week.  It‘s week 6 and the 49’ers are still trying to find their balance.  They better hurry up and do so.  It may sound funny, but the Seahawks could run away with the NFC West while nobody’s looking.  And on Sunday night football, they’ll do it on Shaun Alexander’s legs.


Pittsburgh at Denver                                   Sun. October 12 @ 4:15pm ET on CBS


Summary:  Another game that might be a lot closer (and better) than you think.


Hot Tip: Tommy Maddox will be the key to making this a worthwhile game … not to mention Pittsburgh having a worthwhile season.


Lots of question marks in this one.  Will Maddox come out of his funk and bring Pittsburgh with him?  Will Jake Plummer play?  And if he doesn’t, will Steve Beuerlein fill the gap behind Center?  A number of factors could make this game very unattractive, but it also has the makings of the best game of the week.  This is CBS’s nationally televised game of the week so go ahead and tune in to find out.

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