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Getting your questions answered

We have officially entered the “void” time for fantasy football. That time between OTA (organized team activities) and the beginning of training camps. Not much of interest happens now except the occasional DUI arrest or a birthday party shootout. So, as we wait for the beginning of training camp, our thoughts go to what will happen in these much anticipated camps.

The following are 10 questions that I am hoping to find the answers to as the season approaches. The answers will help me form my draft strategy:

Question 1: Is Brett Favre returning to


Comment: If Favre returns, and I suspect he will return after the second preseason game, he will be a Top 9 QB. It will also affect the value of Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin.

Question 2: Can Matt Leinart play well enough to keep Larry Fitzgerald a Top 5 receiver and make Steve Breaston and Early Doucet late-round fliers?

Comment: We will probably have to wait until the third preseason game to get this answer. The third game is typically the one that the starters play well into the third quarter.

Question 3: Is Shonn Greene going to turn into a fantasy stud or will LaDainian Tomlinson find the fountain of youth behind the Jets’ superb offensive line?

Comment: I think this will be answered early in training camp and be confirmed in the first couple of preseason games.

Question 4: Are Joe Flacco and Anquan Boldin going to make each other Top 10 players at their respective positions?

Comment: I am looking forward to seeing these two working together. The Baltimore Ravens, known as a run-first team, may put a lot of points on the board this year.

Question 5: Can Kevin Kolb successfully replace Donovan McNabb?

Comment: The fantasy value of DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy are all riding on this one.

Question 6: Is Ryan Mathews going to be an instant star after being inserted into the Chargers’ potent offense?

Comment: The sky is the limit for this Mathews. He could easily be a Top 8 running back. I am looking forward to their first preseason game.

Question 7: Will Thomas Jones ruin Jamaal Charles’ breakout season?

Comment: The third preseason game will be the test. Charles’ value will drop drastically if it’s a 60-40 split on carries and he loses all of the goal-line work.

Question 8: Can Ben Tate become the featured back for the Houston Texans?

Comment: If Tate can get half of the carries and most of the goal-line work, he will be a steal.

Question 9: Who will get their contract issues resolved before the start of the season?

Comment: Chris Johnson, Vincent Jackson and Darrelle Revis, among others, are all threatening holdouts of various degrees. Keep a close eye on their status.

Question 10: Which starting running backs will lose the much coveted goal-line carries?

Comment: Rashard Mendenhall could lose to Jonathan Dwyer. Adrian Peterson could lose to Toby Gerhart. Felix Jones could lose to Marion Barber. Ray Rice could lose to Willis McGahee. Jamaal Charles could lose to Thomas Jones. Shonn Greene could lose to LaDainian Tomlinson. LeSean McCoy could lose to Mike Bell. Chris Johnson could lose to LeGarrette Blount. If you don’t recognize all of these names then you need to do more homework!

It is approaching crunch time for you guys that want to put in the effort to win your fantasy league. Training camp and the first three preseason games will tell you a lot, but you have to put in the time and get your questions answered.

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