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Go away Michael Vick

Go away Michael Vick.

I haven’t been able to write much because I’ve been swamped trying to run a fantasy football site and it’s something I truly miss. So here I am, 11:11pm on a Friday night and decided, what the hey, let’s write a little something. The first thing that comes to mind is Michael Vick and what an absolute imbecile he is. Not because of him throwing millions of dollars away, though granted, that is an imbecile move to the “n”th degree. No, it’s because of what he did and the people he represents in society. If I had Michael Vick on a dynasty team, I’d drop him cold as each and every one of you should do. In a big league, that holds a lot of players on their roster, Michael Vick technically has value. But I’d drop his sorry butt strictly on principle and if you have Michael Vick, I encourage you to do so. Make a statement that you refuse to have such vile pieces of humanity on your fantasy football team and you’ll be the better owner because of it.

Michael Vick is a punk. Pure and simple. I, just like most of you, have a dog that you love. I don’t throw the l-o-v-e word around a lot (much to my wife’s chagrin) but when I do, I mean it. Dogs are an element of the fabric of society and to abuse one, to most of us, is a crime beyond anything we could reason. My pup is getting on in years; she’s an 11 year old German Shepherd that has been my compatriot, trustworthy companion and above all, my best friend. Soon, I am going to lose her, it is the way of things and for me; it will be one of the most devastating events in my life. Michael Vick, you punk, listen up. The dogs you killed, the dogs you tortured, were a million times the being you are. To think that you get a measly year (or whatever the silly sentence you’ll receive), is reprehensible in today’s society. As far as I’m concerned, and if I had the gavel, I’d lock you up for good.

Dogs are to man what DNA is to life. My dog, her name is Sydney by the way, provides me comfort, companionship and when I come through the door, she is the first to greet me and always is ecstatic to see me. She dedicates her life to me and as I type this is laying on the floor next to me. If I were to get up to get something, she would follow, she’s that way. Even though stairs are difficult for her these days, she’ll make the attempt and will, so far, make the trip, up or down, regardless of how she feels, just because I had to make a move to get a Coke from the fridge. Sometimes it is difficult for her because she has a condition where she is starting to lose feeling in her hind end but she will always find a way to get up or down those stairs. That, Michael Vick, is a dog, not a dog that can be electrocuted, not a dog that can be tortured and not a dog that can be killed just because they are doing everything within their power to please you. You don’t get it do you?

I am shocked and amazed that the media has thus far simply reported the Michael Vick story as it is. Today I saw an article on the ‘inside’ of dog fighting rings because the general media thinks that’s what people want to read. The sensationalism and grandeur that is dog fighting. Wake up. This hits the fabric of all that we are. If dogs turned on the people that abuse them, quite seriously, that would be a good thing but most of the time they don’t because their number one goal in life is to please. I am not telling dog owners, the overwhelming majority of you, anything new. Your dog is likely great with the kids, protects your family, will do absolutely anything for you, knows you better than you know yourself and on top of all that, does it all for an occasional treat. And for that, those saints of life, Michael Vick manipulates, abuses and destroys? 

Michael Vick deserves one thing. It is a shame that society looks at a dog as they do even though to society and humanity, the dog has given so much of itself to advance civilization. If you were to remove dogs from the beginning of this earth’s history, do you think humanity would be where it is today? I’d venture a hypothesis that says no. We, as a society, owe canine-kind a great debt of gratitude for all they have provided us and our children. We learn so much from dogs. We as humans learn how to raise children, we learn devotion, we learn responsibility, we learn love and we learn death. My dog came before our children and she was a learning tool for my wife and me. A tool that taught us that quite possibly, we could care for an infant and thanks to our ability to care for another life, and we had children. My Mom and Dad are still with us thankfully but all things come to an end, just like I will come to an end for my children. When my dog passes into her position of saint hood, along with all of the dogs before her, it will prepare me for the inevitable with my parents. To treat these angels of existence with anything less, deserves a lifetime of pain and an eternity of guilt.

May you rot Michael Vick, with all the dogs you’ve killed before you. Every one of those dogs will still try to pick you up, will still try their best to please you and will still be a confidant and a friend, even in death. That’s the way dogs are my friends and I will never, ever, excuse Michael Vick or his compatriots for their share in demoralizing humanity.

Go away Michael Vick.

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