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Good Call/Bad Call – Week 5

We’re four weeks into the NFL season and you should have a pretty good idea of what kind of fantasy football team you have. If you’re under .500 it’s time to make some changes. It’s time to start really making an effort to get some trades done. Here’s some advice on how to get those trades done without getting laughed at by the guy you’re trying to trade with.

1) You need to improve your starting lineup.

This should be obvious, but if you’re not getting players you’re starting, it’s not going to help you.

2) You need to improve the other guys starting lineup.

You can’t offer three middle of the road players for one stud, unless the other guy is going to start more than one of them. No one is going to make a trade with you unless their starting lineup gets stronger as well.

3) Take into account that the other guy will value his own players more than non-biased people.

Talking with other people and asking them if the trade is fair, and then offering it are two different things. The guy whose players you’re going after is going to value his own players more than people who don’t have any vested interest in the trade. The guy did draft those players after all. Keep all of this in mind when offering trades and you’ll be more successful at pulling one off.

If you’re not sure who would want any of your players, throw up a note on your league’s message board. Toss up some guys you wouldn’t mind parting with and what positions you’re looking for. It’s like fishing; you don’t know who’s going to bite. Maybe some guy in your league is high on one of your players and you can get more for him than you think you could. It’s worth a shot. Now on to the calls for the week.


Eli Manning

is averaging three turnovers a week by himself. Now you might think that automatically makes him a bad call to start, but this week he plays the Eagles. The Eagles are ranked 30th in stopping quarterbacks from scoring fantasy points against them, and the game is in New York. So far the Giants have had three road games, and their one home game was against Denver. Even if Eli has a couple of turnovers, he should see enough time-of-possession to get you a ton of fantasy points. I’m expecting over 300 passing yards and three touchdowns. Definitely a good call to start.

Philip Rivers

has eleven touchdown passes this year. It took him until Week 9 to get that many last year. Rivers looks like the player from a few years back, except he’s getting it done with less talent catching the ball. This week’s soft matchup in Oakland gives Rivers another good game for you to start him. The Oakland defense’s best game was when they gave up 15 fantasy points to
Chad Henne

in Week 2, and Rivers is a much better quarterback than that. Rivers is an obvious good call this week.

A quarterback you’re going to want to sit this week is Jay Cutler
. The Saints are coming to town and bringing their second ranked defense with them to shutdown Cutler’s fantasy value. The Saints have a 4-to-9 touchdown-to-turnover ratio against the quarterbacks they’ve faced this year. They’ve held half the quarterbacks they’ve faced to less than 200 passing yards. New Orleans defense is just tough for quarterbacks to go against. Sit Cutler this week.

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