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Goodbye, Brett!

My esteemed colleague, Eric Huber, has



Brett Favre is talking about coming back and ‘The Corner of Knowledge’ is more than happy to offer Mr. Favre some advice…



Enough is enough, how many years must we be subjected to the Brett Favre retirement drama?

  After not having made the Pro Bowl for the previous three seasons Favre was in Hawaii this past February for his ninth Pro Bowl and he just can’t seem to let go.



There is the school of thought that says Favre has ‘earned’ the right to decide when he wants to retire and to that I say,


  Favre has not ‘earned’ the right to hold a franchise hostage until he no longer needs the ego-stroking lifestyle of the NFL.

  The Packers have not been serious Super Bowl contenders for years.

  They received a huge break when Dallas choked, meaning that the Packers would not have to go on the road where Favre is 3-6 in the playoffs, 1-4 since January 1996.

  And, don’t give me any noise about how the Packers were one play away from the Super Bowl, because if that were the case, New England would be been celebrating a perfect 19-0 season.


With that in mind here a few statistics from an ESPN article written by Sal Paolantonio.


After beating the

San Francisco 49ers

in the 1997 NFC Championship Game, Favre won just three of his last 10 playoff games.

Eli Manning

had more postseason wins in a 29-day span this past season than Favre had in his last decade with the

Green Bay Packers



In two of his last four postseason appearances, Favre threw two of the most unthinkable playoff interceptions in NFL history, both in overtime — to

Brian Dawkins

of the

Philadelphia Eagles

in 2003 and to

Corey Webster

of the

New York Giants

in January. In fact, Favre is the only quarterback in NFL history to throw overtime interceptions in two playoff games. In his last nine playoff games, Favre threw 18 interceptions.


In the first 81 years of the Green Bay franchise, the most hallowed in all of pro football, the Packers were 13-0 at home in the postseason. But since 2002, the Packers have gone 2-3 in playoff games at Lambeau Field, with Favre losing to three not-quite Hall of Fame quarterbacks:

Michael Vick


Daunte Culpepper

and Manning.



Now you see why the Packers’ organization wants Favre to retire.

  He continues to play with a gunslinger mentality.

  The only problem is that it’s not 1996 anymore and he’s yet to realize that his skills have deteriorated to the point where he needs to learn how to

‘not lose a game’.


Brett Favre is a selfish athlete!

  He refuses to adjust his style of game to fit his diminishing skills and he also refuses to let the Packers move on to the next chapter.


What I find most upsetting is that Favre let the cat out of the bag so early.

  I was thinking that Favre would make a nice late round sleeper in deeper leagues for those drafting early.

  But, you might as well forget it now as some crazed Packers fan will probably draft him as his QB1.

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