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Grading the 2005 NFL Draft

Whew, here goes nothing…


1 8 (8) Antrel Rolle CB Miami (FL)
2 12(44) J.J. Arrington HB California
3 11(75) Eric Green CB Virginia Tech
3 32(95) Darryl Blackstock OLB Virginia
4 10(111) Elton Brown OG Virginia
5 32(168) Lance Mitchell ILB Oklahoma
7 12(226) Leron McCoy WR Indiana  (PA)

Arizona had a marvelous draft no matter how you look at it. We all know what Antrel Rolle brings to the table, and he should be a starter right away. Not only do they land Rolle to bolster to secondary, they nabbed Hokie product Eric Green, who should also step in right away and contribute. JJ Arrington should make a serious run at the starting RB job. One of the bigger steals of the draft was Arizona’s selection of OLB Darryl Blackstock. He might be the drafts premeier pass-rushing-LB and is a huge addition in the 3rd round. Elton Brown is another 1st round talent who tumbled down draft boards and he should step right in to help out an inconsistent Oline. Oklahoma LB Lance Mitchell should be a solid special-teamer and spot-starter. Keep an eye out for Leron McCoy, he’s a nice player to roll the dice on late in the draft.

Grade: A


1 27(27) Sharod White WR UAB
2 27(59) Jonathan Babineaux DT Iowa
3 27(90) Jordan Beck OLB Cal Poly
4 27(128) Chauncey Davis DE Florida St.
5 24(160) Michael Boley OLB Southern Miss
5 27(163) Frank Omiyale OT Tenn. Tech
6 27(201) DeAndra Cobb HB Michigan St.
7 27(241) Darrell Shropshire DT South Carolina

Landing Sharod “Roddy” White was a good move. It’s quite clear now that Peerless Price has worn out his welcome. This team needed help on both sides of the line, and they got what they came for. Babineaux may be a bit undersized, but he’s exceptionally quick off the ball and is a solid tackler. Keep an eye out for Michael Boley, one of the most prolific college backers over the past 3 years and a steal for the Falcons in the 5th. They also nabbed Cal Poly product Jordan Beck in the 3rd, who’s a great story and a great kid who should contribute right away. I love the selection of Darrell Shropshire in the 7th round. He’s a 300-pounder with some surprising quickness, and he should be in the rotation soon enough. The only knock on their draft is selecting a guy like DeAndra Cobb in the 6th, when they could have really used that selection on SS Ernest Shazor.

Grade: B+


1 22(22) Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma
2 21(53) Dan Cody DE Oklahoma
2 32(64) Adam Terry OT Syracuse
4 23(124) Jason Brown C North Carolina
5 22(158) Justin Green FB Montana
6 39(213) Derek Anderson QB Oregon St.
7 20(234) Mike Smith OLB Texas Tech

You’ve got to love what the Ravens are doing this offseason. They’ve been wasting no time in trying to surround Kyle Boller with quality players, and they even managed to bolster their already stout defense. Mark Clayton is the drafts best possession receiver, and he should quickly contribute. Dan Cody falling all the way to 53 is a crime, but to the victor go the spoils – and Baltimores D is just that much scarier now. They addressed 2 huge needs on the line with mammoth OT Adam Terry, and UNC workout warrior Jason Brown. Both should step in to the lineup soon enough. Derek Anderson is a huge project.

Grade: A


2 23(55) Roscoe Parrish WR Miami (FL)
3 22(86) Kevin Everett TE Miami (FL)
4 21(122) Duke Preston C Illinois
5 20(156) Eric King CB Wake Forest
6 23(197) Justin Geisinger OG Vanderbilt
7 22(236) Lionel Gates HB Louisville

With no 1st round picks, the Bills had to wait awhile before they could make their mark in this draft. Drafing Roscoe Parrish is a luxury, but you have to applaud the selection of Kevin Everett. This team desperately needed a quality starter at TE, and they got him. The rest of the draft, though, is pretty iffy. They could have used come help along the Dline, and they used no picks on help there at all.

Grade: C+


1 14(14) Thomas Davis S Georgia
2 22(54) Eric Shelton HB Louisville
3 15(79) Evan Mathis OG Alabama
3 25(89) Atiyyah Ellison DT Missouri
4 20(121) Stefan LeFors QB Louisville
5 13(149) Adam Seward ILB UNLV
5 33(169) Geoff Hangartner C Texas A&M
5 35(171) Ben Emanuel II S UCLA
6 15(189) Jovan Haye DE Vanderbilt
6 33(207) Joe Berger OG Michigan Tech

Thomas Davis was a nice pick and should content for Rookie of the Year honors, but the rest of their draft is pretty marginal. Where is the WR help? Drafting a guy like Vincent Jackson over Eric Shelton would have been prime. They did add some depth along the Dline with Atiyyah Ellison and Jovan Haye. You’ve got to root for Stefan LeFors.

Grade: B-


1 4(4) Cedric Benson HB Texas
2 7(39) Mark Bradley WR Oklahoma
4 5(106) Kyle Orton QB Purdue
5 4(140) Airese Currie WR Clemson
6 7(181) Chris Harris S La. Monroe
7 6(220) Rodriques Wilson OLB South Carolina

They only had 6 picks, but they made the most out of them. Landing Cedric Benson is a no-brainer and he should be a quality starter in the NFL. Great move by drafting Mark Bradley in the second, they need some help at WR and he brings plenty of speed and Sooner experience to the table. Drafting Kyle Orton is a nice wake-up call to Rex Grossman. If he doesn’t hold the fort down, at least they can fall back on the Purdue product.

Grade: B


1 17(17) David Pollack DE Georgia
2 16(4 Odell Thurman ILB Georgia
3 19(83) Chris Henry WR West Virginia
4 18(119) Eric Ghiaciuc C Central Mich.
5 17(153) Adam Kieft OT Central Mich.
6 16(190) Tab Perry WR UCLA
7 19(233) Jonathan Fanene DE Utah

They didn’t address needs at DT or CB, but so what? They used the best player available philosophy, and that always works. David Pollack should team with Justin Smith to form a menacing pass-rushing duo off the edge. He holds great value at #17. Odell Thurman is a great pick-up in the second. They didn’t really need a WR, but we all know what kind of talent Chris Henry has and getting him in the 3rd is a steal. He has loads of potential. Selecting Ghiacuic and Kieft from Central Michigan were great moves. I’ve seen both of them play on occasion, and they’re the real deal. Ghiacuic should start right away. This is another team that could have used their 7th round on Shazor. Cmon.

Grade: B+

1 3(3) Braylon Edwards WR Michigan
2 2(34) Brodney Pool S Oklahoma
3 3(67) Charlie Frye QB Akron
4 2(103) Antonio Perkins CB Oklahoma
5 3(139) David McMillan DE Kansas
6 2(176) Nick Speegle OLB New Mexico
6 29(203) Andrew Hoffman DT Virginia
7 3(217) Jon Dunn OT Virginia Tech

Selecting Braylon was a no-brainer, and he brings some instant credibility to their offense. Nabbing Brodney Pool in the second is a spectacular move and he should become an instant contributor. Their best pick may be drafting Charlie Frye in the 3rd. He holds great value here, and he might just turn out to be the best QB in the draft. A major cause for concern, though, is Clevelands inability to land more quality LBers for their new 3-4.

Grade: B-


1 11(11) Demarcus Ware OLB Troy
1 20(20) Marcus Spears DE LSU
2 10(42) Kevin Burnett OLB Tennessee
4 8(109) Marion Barber HB Minnesota
4 31(132) Chris Canty DE Virginia
6 34(208) Justin Berlault S Ball St.
6 35(209) Rob Petitti OT Pittsburgh
7 10(224) Jay Ratliff DE Auburn

What more can we say about the Cowboys draft? Parcells and JJ were on a mission, and it was definitely accomplished. Ware, Spears, Burnett and Canty should be impact players on defense. Getting Barber in the 4th is a steal. And don’t overlook the selection of Rob Petitti. He was one of college footballs best linemen coming into last season, but his play fell off a little bit. If he plays up to his potential, this draft is perfect.

Grade: A+


2 24(56) Darrent Williams CB Oklahoma St.
3 12(76) Karl Paymah CB Wash. St.
3 34(97) Domonique Foxworth CB Maryland
3 38(101) Maurice Clarett HB Ohio St.
6 26(200) Chris Myers OG Miami (FL)
7 25(239) Paul Ernster PK N. Arizona

Ouch. Their CB situation wasn’t so drastic that they’d have to go out and draft 3 consecutive CBs. Even then, they didn’t go with the best CBs available. They’re all projects. They had more pressing needs like a replacement for Dan Neil and Kenoy Kennedy(Shazor, again). And then you’ve got the reach of the draft in Maurice Clarett. No explanation needed. Their draft was average at best.

Grade: D


1 10(10) Mike Williams WR Southern Cal
2 5(37) Shaun Cody DT Southern Cal
3 8(72) Stanley Wilson CB Stanford
5 9(145) Dan Orlovsky QB Connecticut
6 10(184) Bill Swancutt DE Oregon St.
6 32(206) Jonathan Goddard OLB Marshall

You either love or hate the selection of Mike Williams. Personally, I love it. I’ve already voiced my opinion over that matter, so lets move on. Shaun Cody held great value at the top of 2nd round, and he should contribute right away. Stanley Wilson is a very underrated prospect, and he was projected as a 2nd round pick by some. Orlovsky is a nice pick, but I would have preferred McPherson. Landing Swancutt and Goddard should bolster our front-7. Everyones making the roster from this draft.

Grade: B-

Green Bay

1 24(24) Aaron Rodgers QB California
2 19(51) Nick Collins CB Bethune
2 26(5 Terrence Murphy WR Texas A&M
4 14(115) Marviel Underwood S San Diego St.
4 24(125) Brady Poppinga OLB BYU
5 7(143) Junius Coston C N.C. A&T
5 31(167) Michael Hawkins CB Oklahoma
6 6(180) Mike Montgomery DE Texas A&M
6 21(195) Craig Bragg WR UCLA
7 31(245) Kurt Campbell CB Albany
7 32(246) William Whitticker OG Michigan St.

Let the praising for the Packers front office begin. Everyone is going ga-ga over the Aaron Rodgers selection, and rightfully so. Favre’s replacement has been summoned, and time will tell how that works out. Nick collins wasn’t even projected to get picked by some, and the Packers take him in the 2nd round? Wow. In the meantime, they did make some nice picks. A lot of pundits knocked the selection of Terrence Murphy because they had other “needs”. So what? Terrence Murphy is too good to pass up at that juncture and he could be the ideal slot receiver up in Green Bay. Drafting Marvel Underwood filled up a need position, and I just love their selectiong of former Oklahoma CB Michael Hawkins. He’s got massive potential, and he might just be a Pro-Bowler some day.

Grade: B+


1 16(16) Travis Johnson DT Florida St.
3 9(73) Vernand Morency HB Oklahoma St.
4 13(114) Jerome Mathis WR Hampton
5 15(151) Drew Hodgdon C Arizona St.
6 14(188) C.C. Brown S La. Lafayette
7 13(227) Kenneth Pettway OLB Grambling

Travis Johnson was an excellent selection. As was Jerome Mathis. But where’s the help for Carr? Their Oline was clearly the biggest question mark this offseason, and they’re not addressing it. Hodgdon is a marginal prospect at best.

Grade: C


1 29(29) Marlin Jackson CB Michigan
2 28(60) Kelvin Hayden CB Illinois
3 29(92) Sweet Pea Burns DE Kentucky
4 28(129) Dylan Gandy C Texas Tech
4 34(135) Matt Giordano S California
5 12(148) Jonathan Welsh OLB Wisconsin
5 29(165) Rob Hunt C N. Dakota St.
5 37(173) Tyjuan Hagler OLB Cincinnati
6 28(202) Dave Rayner PK Michigan St.
7 29(243) Anthony Davis HB Wisconsin

Marlin Jackson was a great pick. He became a starter the minute his name was announced at the podium. Indianpolis finally devoted an entire draft for defense, and this should pay off big dividends. Hayden was a reach in the 2nd, but he’s got serious potential. Sweet Pe a Burns is a favorite of mine, and a lot of teams are going to regret not picking him. He’s my darkhorse for Defensive Rookie of the Year. Johnathon Welsh and Tyjuan Hagler bring some blazing speed off the edges. Offensive line depth was also addressed.

Grade: A-


1 21(21) Matt Jones TE Arkansas
2 20(52) Khalif Barnes OT Washington
3 23(87) Scott Starks CB Wisconsin
4 26(127) Alvin Pearman HB Virginia
5 21(157) Gerald Sensabaugh S North Carolina
6 11(185) Chad Owens WR Hawaii
6 20(194) Pat Thomas OLB NC State
7 23(237) Chris R Roberson CB E. Michigan

Ouch. Devoting such a high pick to a huge project is a very ballsy move by the Jaguars. At this very moment, it’s incredibly stupid. In the future, who knows? They addressed some needs at T and CB, though, and that makes up for this paltry draft a little bit. I mean, Mark Clayton and Heath Miller were both available, werent they?

Grade: D

Kansas City

1 15(15) Derrick Johnson OLB Texas
3 36(99) Dustin Colquitt P Tennessee
4 15(116) Craphonso Thorpe WR Florida St.
5 2(138) Boomer Grigsby ILB Illinois St.
5 11(147) Alphonso Hodge CB Miami (OH)
6 13(187) Will Svitek OT Stanford
6 25(199) Khari Long DE Baylor
7 15(229) James Kilian QB Tulsa
7 24(238) Jeremy Parquet OT Southern Miss

We all love the DJ pick. But a punter in the 3rd round? Yuck. The Craphonso Thorpe selection is a smart one – both their starters are quite old. Boomer Grigsby should become a fan favorite and Alphonso Hodge is a big-bodied CB with solid skills.

Grade: C+


1 2(2) Ronnie Brown HB Auburn
2 14(46) Matt Roth DE Iowa
3 6(70) Channing Crowder ILB Florida
4 3(104) Travis Daniels CB LSU
5 26(162) Anthony Alabi OT TCU
7 2(216) Kevin Vickerson DT Michigan St.

They got great value with all their picks, especially Channing Crowder. Ronnie Brown is expected to produce right away, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works out. Matt Roth is a very productive End who should challenge for playing time right away.

Grade: B+


1 7(7) Troy Williamson WR South Carolina
1 18(1 Erasmus James DE Wisconsin
2 17(49) Marcus Johnson OG Ole Miss
3 16(80) Dustin Fox CB Ohio St.
4 11(112) Ciatrick Fason HB Florida
6 17(191) C.J. Mosley DT Missouri
7 5(219) Adrian Ward CB UTEP

Williamson over Williams. That’s another interesting development in this draft. Personally, I think they made a huge mistake. Don’t they have enough 6-footers who can stretch the field? The selection of Erasmus James is boom-or-bust, but I’ll say it’s a good one for now. Their best pick was Marcus Johnson in the second. He should step in immediately and make an impact.

Grade: B-

New Orleans

1 13(13) Jammal Brown OT Oklahoma
2 8(40) Josh Bullocks S Nebraska
3 18(82) Alfred Fincher ILB Connecticut
4 17(118) Chase Lyman WR California
5 16(152) Adrian McPherson QB Florida St.
6 19(193) Jason Jefferson DT Wisconsin
7 18(232) Jimmy Verdon DE Arizona St.

There’s, surprisingly, very little talk of the Saints’ draft. I don’t know why, because it looks like one of the best to me. Jamaal Brown is a solid selection. Josh Bullocks is a fantastic pick who should also step in right away. Alfred Fincher is a very productive linebacker who should bolster the rotation. Massive props for the McPherson selection. He’s got a live arm, amazing athletic ability, and a chip on his shoulder that should result in him becoming a very good NFL QB someday. The best pick, though, was Jason Jefferson in the 6th. He was a consensus 1st day pick by a lot of people, and to get a potential starter that late in the draft is a great deal. Great draft by Haslett nd the boys.

Grade: A

New England

1 32(32) Logan Mankins OG Fresno St.
3 20(84) Ellis Hobbs CB Iowa St.
3 37(100) Nick Kaczur OT Toledo
4 32(133) James Sanders S Fresno St.
5 34(170) Ryan Claridge OLB UNLV
7 16(230) Matt Cassel QB Southern Cal
7 41(255) Andy Stokes TE William Penn

They addressed their needs, but they picked all the wrong players. Yeah, everyone says the Pats always know something we don’t, but it doesn’t take a genius to take note of the fact that David Baas, Marcus Johnson and Elton Brown all should have been taken over Logan Mankins, who they could have drafted in the 3rd round anyways. Ellis Hobbs is another bad pick. Not because he’s a bad prospect(He is small with marginal speed, though), but because they could have got him later in the draft. There were a lot of reaches for them in this draft. And I don’t think there was a worse pick overall than the Matt Cassel selection. Give me a break.

Grade: C-

NY Giants

2 11(43) Corey Webster CB LSU
3 10(74) Justin Tuck DE Notre Dame
4 9(110) Brandon Jacobs HB S. Illinois
6 12(186) Eric Moore DE Florida St.

Not a whole lot to work with, but they made some nice picks regardless. Corey Webster provides some solid depth in the secondary. Justin Tuck was a steal in the 3rd round. He has a lot of Strahan in him. Props for the Brandon Jacobs selection. He’s a freak, and he could become an instant contributor.

Grade: B

NY Jets

2 15(47) Mike Nugent PK Ohio St.
2 25(57) Justin Miller CB Clemson
3 24(8 Sione Pouha DT Utah
4 22(123) Kerry Rhodes S Louisville
5 25(161) Andre Maddox S NC State
6 8(182) Cedric Houston HB Tennessee
6 24(198) Joel Dreessen TE Colorado St.
7 26(240) Harry Williams WR Tuskegee

I’ll forgive them for the Nugent pick. The rest of their draft was pretty solid though. They should have picked Justin Miller with their first 2nd rounder, yet they still landed him 10 picks later – very good deal for them. Sione Pouha is a massive tackle who’ll be a regular in the rotation. Kerry Rhodes and Andre Maddox both have a lot of skill at the Safety spot. Cedric Houston holds nice value in the 6th round.
Grade: B


1 23(23) Fabian Washington CB Nebraska
2 6(3 Stanford Routt CB Houston
3 5(69) Andrew Walter QB Arizona St.
3 14(7 Kirk Morrison ILB San Diego St.
6 1(175) Anttaj Hawthorne DT Wisconsin
6 38(212) Ryan Riddle DE California
6 40(214) Peter McMahon OT Iowa

I really like what Al Davis did with this draft. He brought in some lightning-quick CBs with his first 2 picks, and he also nabbed his future QB in Andrew Walter. Kirk Morrison is one of the drafts best run-stoppers, and Anttaj Hawthorne is way too good to be available in the 6th round. Great draft by the Raiders.

Grade: A-


1 31(31) Mike Patterson DT Southern Cal
2 3(35) Reggie Brown WR Georgia
2 31(63) Matthew McCoy OLB San Diego St.
3 13(77) Ryan Moats HB La. Tech
4 1(102) Sean Considine S Iowa
4 25(126) Todd Herremans OT Saginaw Valley St.
5 10(146) Trent Cole DE Cincinnati
5 36(172) Scott Young OG BYU
6 37(211) Calvin Armstrong OT Wash. St.
7 33(247) Keyonta Marshall DT Grand Valley St.
7 38(252) David Bergeron ILB Stanford

The Patterson selection is a good, not great one. I love the Reggie Brown pick, he could become a Keenan McCardell type at the next level. He could contend for Rookie of the Year honors. Matthew McCoy should quickly become a fan-favorite over there, and selecting Ryan Moats holds some nice value. Sean Considine should be a quality Quarter and Dime back in this league. Trent Cole will make fans forget about Derrick Burgess. They also tabbed plenty of Oline depth. All and all, a solid – if not spectacular – draft.

Grade: B+


1 30(30) Heath Miller TE Virginia
2 30(62) Bryant McFadden CB Florida St.
3 30(93) Trai Essex OG Northwestern
4 30(131) Fred Gibson WR Georgia
5 30(166) Rian Wallace OLB Temple
6 30(204) Chris Kemoeatu OG Utah
7 14(228) Shaun Nua DE BYU
7 30(244) Noah Herron FB Northwestern

Heath Miller could end up being the steal of the draft. He’s a tremendous target for Rothy to throw to, and he really adds an entirely new dimension to Cowher’s offense. They needed a corner and they got a good one in Bryant McFadden. Fred Gibson has fallen out of favor with a lot of scouts, mainly because of Reggie Brown’s recent surge, but he could end up being a steal for them. I love the Rian Wallace selection. He’s been one of college footballs most productive players, and he could make an impact right away. The Steelers are looking good.

Grade: B+

San Diego

1 12(12) Shawne Merriman DE Maryland
1 28(2 Luis Castillo DT Northwestern
2 29(61) Vincent Jackson WR N. Colorado
4 29(130) Darren Sproles HB Kansas St.
5 28(164) Wesley Britt OT Alabama
6 3(177) Wes Sims OT Oklahoma
7 28(242) Scott Mruczkowski C Bowling Grn

They shored up their Dline with the selections of Merriman and Castillo. Vincent Jackson could end up being the most feared wideout in this league with the proper tutelage. And who doesn’t root for Darren Sproles? They also addressed a key need and brought in plenty of Oline depth.

Grade: A-

San Francisco

1 1(1) Alex Smith QB Utah
2 1(33) David Baas OG Michigan
3 1(65) Frank Gore HB Miami (FL)
3 31(94) Adam Snyder OG Oregon
5 1(137) Ronald Fields DT Mississippi St.
5 38(174) Rasheed Marshall WR West Virginia
6 31(205) Derrick Johnson CB Washington
7 1(215) Daven Holly CB Cincinnati
7 9(223) Marcus Maxwell WR Oregon
7 34(248) Patrick Estes TE Virginia
7 35(249) Billy Bajema TE Oklahoma St.

Great draft by the 49ers. They addressed a lot of key needs, and they got a lot of value with some of their picks. The sky is the limit with Smith. David Baas is a great pick at the top of the 2nd round. He should start immediately. Frank Gore is an intriguing prospect who could end up being a solid starter in this league if he can stay healthy. They brought in some solid CB prospects. Though, it’s frusterating to see them end their draft by selecting 2 TEs when they too could have used Shazor.

Grade: B+

St Louis

1 19(19) Alex Barron OT Florida St.
2 18(50) Ron Bartell CB Howard
3 2(66) Oshiomogho Atogwe S Stanford
3 17(81) Richie Incognito C Nebraska
4 16(117) Jerome Carter S Florida St.
4 33(134) Claude Terrell OG New Mexico
5 8(144) Jerome Collins TE Notre Dame
6 18(192) Dante Ridgeway WR Ball St.
6 36(210) Reggie Hodges P Ball St.
7 36(250) Ryan Fitzpatrick QB Harvard
7 37(251) Madison Hedgecock TE North Carolina

Alex Barron is a great pick. Ronald Bartell is the most interesting DB prospect in this draft, and I really think he’ll make a big impact. Atogwe and Carter shore up a needy safety core. Incognito is a Turley clone, for better or worse.

Grade: B


1 26(26) Chris Spencer C Ole Miss
2 13(45) Lofa Tatupu ILB Southern Cal
3 21(85) David Greene QB Georgia
3 35(9 Leroy Hill OLB Clemson
4 4(105) Ray Willis OT Florida St.
5 23(159) Jeb Huckeba DE Arkansas
6 22(196) Tony Jackson TE Iowa
7 21(235) Cornelius Wortham OLB Alabama
7 40(254) Doug Nienhuis OT Oregon St.

Ouch. This is definitely the worst draft class in my book. About the only solid pick is the David Greene selection, who should succeed Hasselbeck in due time. Spencer is nowhere near worthy of 1st round selection, and Lofa Tatupu shouldn’t have even heard his name called this weekend. They needed depth at CB, but did nothing about it.

Grade: F

Tampa Bay

1 5(5) Carnell Williams HB Auburn
2 4(36) Barrett Ruud ILB Nebraska
3 7(71) Alex Smith TE Stanford
3 28(91) Chris Colmer OT NC State
4 6(107) Dan Buenning OG Wisconsin
5 5(141) Donte Nicholson S Oklahoma
5 19(155) Larry Brackins WR Pearl River CC
6 4(178) Anthony Bryant DT Alabama
7 7(221) Rick Razzano FB Ole Miss
7 11(225) Paris Warren WR Utah
7 17(231) Hamza Abdullah S Wash. St.
7 39(253) J.R. Russell WR Louisville

All of their 1st day picks are terrific selections. Grabbing Donte Nicholson in the 5th is a huge steal. Larry Brackins could end up being a star in this league in due time. JR Russell is a fantastic pick late in the draft.

Grade: A-


1 6(6) Adam Jones CB West Virginia
2 9(41) Michael Roos OT E. Washington
3 4(6 Courtney Roby WR Indiana
3 33(96) Brandon Jones WR Oklahoma
4 7(108) Vincent Fuller S Virginia Tech
4 12(113) David Stewart OT Mississippi St.
4 35(136) Roydell Williams WR Tulane
5 6(142) Damien Nash HB Missouri
5 14(150) Daniel Loper OT Texas Tech
6 5(179) Bo Scaife TE Texas
7 4(218) Reynaldo Hill CB Florida

We all knew they’d pick a corner, we just didn’t know if it would be Pac-Man or Antrel. I think they made the right choice. Michael Roos is a solid grab in the 2nd round, and they brought in a lot of talent at the WR position. Vincent Fuller played well for the Hokies, and should compete for time in the secondary.

Grade: B+


1 9(9) Carlos Rogers CB Auburn
1 25(25) Jason Campbell QB Auburn
4 19(120) Manuel White Jr FB UCLA
5 18(154) Robert McCune ILB Louisville
6 9(183) Jared Newberry OLB Stanford
7 8(222) Nehemiah Broughton FB The Citadel

Carlos is a fantastic selection who should pay off big for the ‘Skins. Jason Campbell is their QB of the future, but you just know the chemistry of this team will be thrown off due to a QB controversy. Robert McCune is a heck of prospect in the 5th round. He’ll spell Michael Barrow often. Broughton is an interesting project late in the draft.

Grade: B

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