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GRINDERS AND GAMBLES – Dynasty League/Late-Round QBs

So for many of us football has started again as dynasty leagues open their wires and prepare for their drafts. Over the next few weeks many leagues will have players cut to free up roster room and league owners replaced as members drop out. Now is the time to go shopping for some bargains to patch holes or snag a few lottery tickets.

Drafts (including MFL10s – My Fantasy League $10) are also starting now and some of these guys can come to you in later rounds for real value.

The Gamble section is going to be much deeper as the league is in flux right now.


Alex Smith Of course I started with Alex Smith. He lives on this list. I should just lock him in to place. He still has (a hopefully recovered) Jamaal Charles and he still has Travis Kelce. Albert Wilson and Chris Conley are running about and the team just added Rod Streater. Alex Smith is going to be a monster! No I am just kidding, he is still probably going to be boring with a side of upside depending on the game script but he lives here for a reason. He pairs great with a gamble and will “Steady Eddie” you some points when you need them. He is also probably super cheap except in superflex and two quarterback leagues.

Tony Romo I shouldn’t have to list Tony Romo here. “Grinders and Gambles” is dedicated to bargain bin players. Grinders and gambles are the guys you grab after Tony Romo is gone. Here is the thing, the Romo hate is real and has gone way too far. Also, he was injured pretty bad last season. This could be Tony Romo’s swan song and some people are treating him that way. Romo has shown himself to be a tough dude and if you can buy low on him now you should do it. If he comes back full form he is beyond grinder, he is set it and forget it. Even in his bad years the man grinds. His low price puts him on this list but his actual potential value is so much higher. Grinder with crazy upside.

Joe Flacco Flacco was pretty consistent before he went down last year. He’s a nice cheap buy who will grind out games for you.

Matthew Stafford I am not a huge fan of him for fantasy due to his price versuss his production. He has never really fallen under the “Steady Eddie” label either, but this year his price is right and he should give you very good grinder numbers with upside.



Brock Osweiler So I am neither leaping to get shares of nor am I dismissing Osweiler. DeAndre Hopkins is there and he has made lesser quarterbacks look good. Right now his price is way higher than it should be for trades but his draft position should be nice and cheap.

Tyrod Taylor He is fun. His fantasy scoring looks like an EKG at times but weeeeeeee! He is also going much cheaper than the other young QBs out there. Contract questions and the Buffalo Bills’ lack of commitment make it a nice time to buy.

Ryan Tannehill Two words: Adam Gase. As we all know, the Miami Dolphins exist to crush my hopes and dreams but coach Gase at least gives me hopes and dreams to crush.

Robert Griffin III Are you in a deep league, superflex/two quarterback league, doing a late grab for a best ball, or a masochist who loves disappointment? Griffin III may have a place on your roster. Some of the offensive line split, wide receiver is a gigantic question mark, and the team is rebuilding. He also could be competing with a rookie. All these things are true, but he could also go back into an offense that suits him and put up some solid numbers. The thing here is with a high risk and a potentially really low floor comes a great price. He should be free in anything but multi-quarterback leagues, super deep leagues, or leagues with Cleveland Browns fans and eternal optimists.

Case Keenum


I know, I know. Stop laughing … unless you’re a Los Angeles Rams fan in which case stop crying. It could be worse, you could be the Cleveland Browns. There should be another quarterback drafted but all accounts are that the Rams love themselves some Case Keenum. He will have a top-notch running back to take the heat off of him. It really doesn’t get much cheaper than Case Keenum, so if you need a quarterback late take him as a flyer.

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