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GRINDERS and GAMBLES: Week 1 Grabs

Football season is upon us! Rejoice and be merry!

Of course with it comes final roster cuts and clarification of injuries you didn’t have previously. Whether you were hit with the injury bug, an unexpected cut or trade, or got caught behind a run in your draft and lack balance, you now find yourself needing a patch.

Here are some grabs to try and fix your team. Some are duct tape, some box tape, and some that sad little masking tape. Note, most of these suggestions are for deeper leagues.


Help! I need one right now!

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Yes, he has some bad games and, no, he will never be a true franchise quarterback but he is free in a majority of one quarterback leagues. If you have the roster room you can platoon him and play him according to matchup. Grinder.

Blaine Gabbert – Chip Kelley + Blaine Gabbert + question marks at WR = free in one QB leagues. Gamble.

Joe Flacco – Is he as fun as Mariota, Taylor, or Winston? No. Is he worth a grab if you were a Teddy owner or otherwise hurting? Yes. Flacco has a mess for a backfield and solid wide receivers and tight ends. He is also flying under the radar. Grinder.

I am in a super deep league or multi-QB league and need some help. Depending on when you drafted, your wire is probably completely divested of starters or close to it.

Drafted early, wire not open yet.

Dak Prescott – He is on a team in any league the wire is open. Flacco may be there before Prescott is. If your wire hasn’t opened yet, he is worth the grab. Gamble.

Case Keenum – He is the starter. There is that. Goff is there and Mannion deserves a mention, seriously though it should be Goff soon. Gamble.

Trevor Siemian – Just like Keenum, he is starting. Unlike Keenum, he has great wide receivers. Just like Keenum, he has other quarterbacks looking over his shoulder. Paxton Lynch is waiting in the wings. Austin Davis is there for super deep leagues. Gambles.



Must grab

Spencer Ware – Charles does not look like he’s ready to go. Snag a backup and roll for a few weeks off of someone else’s misfortune. West has also had medical issues holding him back so Ware may be early season gold. Short term Grinder.

DeAngelo Williams – See above. Short term Grinder.

Charles Sims – Sims is finally getting some love so he may be on a roster. If he isn’t on a roster, put him on your roster. Grinder.

Back it up

Shaun DraughnCarlos Hyde is trying to clear the concussion protocol but with his injury history, Draughn might get you some games. If you have Hyde get Draughn, if you don’t have Hyde and have some room, stash Draughn. It is Chip Kelley, the 49ers, and he is second fiddle so temper those expectations. Gamble until he is needed, low end Grinder if he plays.

Stash Cache

D.J. Foster – The Patriots backfield is a glorious place for everything but consistency. Right now it is Blount and White depending on the game plan. It is also New England. Foster could be a thing. He could also end up on a practice squad. Stash if you have room, watch if you don’t. Gamble.

Cameron Artis-Payne – Do you think Jonathan Stewart can make it 16 games? Me neither. Gamble on Stewart going down. High end Grinder if he does.

Karlos Williams – If your league lets you drop suspended players to IR all the better. Maybe something exciting happens, maybe he keeps eating donuts. I totally feel you with the donuts Karlos, I do. The fact is plenty of clubs need backs and we haven’t even started the season yet. Gamble.

Benny Cunningham and Malcolm Brown – I own a ton of Todd Gurley shares. I realize telling people to stash players based on my injury to ownership ratio (Cabot Cove Curse) is silly. I also realize that if I didn’t warn you that Gurley is firmly on the Cabot Cove visitors list, I would never hear the end of it from those that keep track. Gamble.

Alfred Morris – See above but with even more Elliot shares. Also if you have Elliot, your handcuff is very clear here. This may be the easiest handcuff choice after DeAngelo Williams.  Gamble.

Baltimore – Not the whole city, just the running backs. The backfield is a mess and the availability of some of those backs shows it. Grab a Raven if you have room and see how it shakes out. Justin Forsett may be on the wire. Go steal him. Gamble.

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