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Grinders and Gambles is duct tape for teams in need of help. This list is for deeper leagues wire picks. In shallower leagues these are guys you can look at in free agency after your waivers have run.

Grinders are the guys that will get you some points. They may not have an upside but they will grind out 5-15 depending on your scoring.

Gambles can get you a goose egg but also have tremendous upside.

Due to the nature of, specifically the amount of dynasty leagues, deep roster leagues, devy leagues, superflexes and other leagues with more unique variables the ownership of players will be higher there than on most players so check your wire even if the ownership percentage stat is high.


Josh McCown, New York Jets

Current Ownership: MFL 64.73% / ESPN 35.9% / CBS 57% / Yahoo! 35% / NFL 13.2%.

He is grinding along. He has a couple of tough match ups but if you are in a bind he has been a great “steady-eddie” during a season where the quarterback position is thin. He is still available in a ton of leagues and may even hit the wire now that Week 9 is gone. He could make a nice play against Tampa and Kansas City.

Eli Manning, New York Giants

Current Ownership: MFL 80.52% / ESPN 48.6% / CBS 53% / Yahoo! 45% / NFL 24.6%.

I know, he is owned in a ton of leagues and has been terrible so why is he on here. His status is being questioned so those ownership numbers should drop significantly this week in redraft leagues. He might even be on the wire in 1QB dynasty leagues. If your league is hoarding quarterbacks and you are streaming them or are desperate, if Eli plays he has several good matchups coming. He is a huge gamble as the wheels seem to be coming off but if you need a hail-mary, maybe Eli gets it done for you this week.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Current Ownership: MFL 7.2% / ESPN.6% / CBS 2% / Yahoo! 1% / NFL .2%.

Now we are swimming in the deep end of the pool. It looks like Tampa is going to rest Winston and Fitzpatrick should be taking the helm. He won’t have Mike Evans but he can fill in this week if you need help. Fitzmagic isn’t afraid to throw the ball. Sometimes this is amazing, sometimes this is amazing if you are playing the defense against him. He is always a gamble.

C.J. Beathard, San Francisco 49ers

Current Ownership: MFL15.41% / ESPN 2.2% / CBS 9% / Yahoo! 3% / NFL 8.7%.

He wasn’t terrible for fantasy purposes. I am pretty sure the game was a bit painful for 49ers fans though. San Francisco is pretty much rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic right now so Beathard is a gamble, and a match up gamble at that. He might make a decent start against the Giants (I already blew my Titanic analogy on the 49ers so come up with an apt analogy that works for you for the Giants.)

Drew Stanton, Arizona Cardinals

Current Ownership: MFL 13.41% / ESPN 5.5% / CBS 11% / Yahoo! 4% / NFL .4%.

He wasn’t terrible last week. Keep in mind he did play against the team I just burned my Titanic analogy on. He has Seattle this week on Thursday night. That is pretty much a recipe for fantasy failure. Keep an eye on Blaine Gabbert in deep multi-quarterback leagues in case Stanton doesn’t make it through the week.

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