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Grinders and Gambles – Week 12

Played together, “Grinders and Gambles” can help patch holes in a team or be the extra push you need to get those wins.

Don’t sit obvious plays for these guys; they are for when there are no obvious plays or you have question marks all over your bench. These are the guys for leagues where you need to go deeper.

I am still trying to find my footing with this so I am open to feedback and suggestions.

GRINDERS – The guys who will get you points in a pinch.


Matt Hasselbeck – Hasselbeck has got it done. He should be a nice grinder to get you through to the playoffs and he has some upside.

Josh McCown

Cleveland QB Josh McCown.

Johnny Manziel has resurfaced and the Manziel era has been put on hold again. McCown should be a solid grinder although he may be best platooned with another quarterback over the next few weeks. A great platoon candidate who may be available is Blaine Gabbert.

Blaine Gabbert – Gabbert wasn’t terrible and he was playing Seattle. Richard Sherman has made far better quarterbacks look like they were still Pop Warner caliber. Pair him up with another quarterback and grind your way into the playoffs.

Running Back

Antonio Andrews – Grinding!

Shane Vereen – Points per reception grind with upside.

Charles Sims – I only talk about Gary Barnidge more. You should own him by now and be happy to have him.

Wide Receiver

Brandon LaFell – Still grinding away and has upside and a good hold if you have room in dynasty.

Marvin Jones – He is grinding away in points per reception leagues.

Tight End

Derek Carrier – Break in case of emergency. Jordan Reed is a beast when healthy, the catch is the “when healthy.” Dynasty hold as well.

Crockett GillmoreMatt Schaub could come in and kill Gillmore’s value. If that is the case and he isn’t on your team in dynasty, try and get him. He might even fall to the wire in shallow leagues.

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