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If you are still playing this week it means your league likes to make you suffer by having you try and play your Super Bowl at a time when players could be rested or you are in some sort of cumulative scoring league … where they want you to suffer by having some of your players rested.

I am not here to judge your life decisions, I did that ages ago. I am here to try and help you battle your bone-dry waiver wires and salty league-mates to try and grab someone to hold your team together for the end of a bumpy ride.

May you crush your foes. 


Derek Carr, Oakland – He didn’t grind against Denver because Case Keenum was the MVP quarterback for Oakland in that game. Kansas City is the last stop and he should have to throw this week once Oakland gets behind. 

Jeffery Wilson, San Francisco – There are no true grinders at the running back position by Week 17 but Wilson is as close a bet as you can get to not zero you out on the spot. 

Jamison Crowder, Washington – It isn’t a coincidence that all of these players come from a handful of teams. Players on successful offenses tend to stay on rosters. Crowder has put up grinder numbers the last few weeks and should help a team suffering at the position.

Chris Conley, Kansas City – Sammy Watkins’ injury issues have left an opening for Conley as a sneaky grinder play. He hasn’t put up the numbers the last two weeks but this week both teams should open up their passing offenses. 

Chris Herndon, New York Jets   Herndon showed up last week big time and should be able to help out a hurting team against New England this week.


Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay – Winston has had two rough games the last two weeks which means he may be on your wire. He has a chance to pick on Atlanta this week and he should be able to go for 18-20 points.

Josh Johnson, Washington – Johnson has had two of the tougher passing matchups in the NFL back-to-back and he is playing on a banged up Philadelphia team. He should bounce back this week and help you bring home the win.

Devontae Booker, Denver – Royce Freeman should be mentioned here as well. The Phillip Lindsay injury has opened the door for the other Denver running backs to bail out your depleted running back pool. The Los Angeles Chargers aren’t the easiest matchup on the world so keep your expectations low.

Chris Hogan, New England – It has made me so sad to see my favorite grinder fade away but New England hasn’t been all that fantasy friendly lately. Hogan could grab a few targets this week if Tom Brady decides to rally. Who ever thought we would live in a world where a team with Brady on it is running back-centric?

Tre’Quan Smith, New Orleans – Smith has flashed a few games this season but has spent most of it quiet and/or banged up. This game could turn into a hot mess with Cam Newton shut down for the season but it could also be one of those out-of-control games as well. Uncertainty and Smith’s extremely uneven performances all say no but if you are truly desperate for a gamble, you can always give him the start.

Ian Thomas, Carolina  See Smith above for my concerns on the game. Thomas has made a nice target the last few weeks but could also zonk anyone who starts him. He is another desperation gamble. 

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