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It was a brutal week for many an NFL player and not exactly smooth sailing for fantasy teams either. Injuries piled up quicker than points this weekend.

The first few weeks on the wire are the most important and most difficult. We have now had a good look at teams. Basing your view entirely on Week 1 is a fool’s folly but so is discounting this week’s games too much.

Your studs are still your studs. Don’t freak out because Brandon Marshall had a bad game and sell him off cheap…unless it’s to me.

You don’t want to panic but you also don’t want to miss out on opportunities. The first few weeks are the most important when it comes to waiver wire patching. You need to balance your budget and your needs.

We have only one week in the books, rust needs to be shaken off, strengths emphasized, weaknesses fixed. No need to panic. Take some cleansing breaths, pull out your wallet, and buy some guys


Carson Wentz – It was the Browns so don’t get too excited. At the same time, Wentz looked pretty good out there. If you need a backup quarterback or he is somehow still on the wire in a Superflex, go ahead and grab him. GAMBLE

Josh McCown – It’s hard not to feel bad for RGIII. He may come back later in the season if he heals up so don’t drop him in redraft  unless you don’t have an IR and you have a short bench. With that said, McCown is the starter for now. GRINDER

Joe Flacco – That game was super-exciting right? There will be better games, if Flacco is around give the guy a shot. GRINDER

Ryan Fitzpatrick – He may end up on your wire after next week. If you need some upside snag him when he hits the wire. GAMBLE

Sean Mannion – If he isn’t owned in multi-QB leagues you may want to stash him. The Rams were painful to watch but sometimes you just need a guy with a pulse on your roster. Sean Mannion – not a zombie. DESPERATE GAMBLE/STASH

Alex Smith – I just feel empty if I don’t add him. GRINDER



Lions running backs – Yesterday reminded me of a local youth league. The made sure everyone got to play. Theo Riddick and Ameer Abdullah should already be rostered. If they aren’t rostered for some reason, fix that. If you want to add some depth grab Dwayne Washington who is probably not rostered. Considering that it was all skate yesterday, I wouldn’t bank on points from the rookie, but he is a flier for depth. LOW-END GAMBLE

Charles Sims – See Alex Smith. PPR GRINDER

Chris ThompsonMatt Jones is the lead back here, but Thompson can get you a few points in PPR.

Shane Vereen – There are plenty of guys who can catch the ball on the Giants squad, but he may get you a few PPR points later in the season if you end up in a bye week bind.

Josh Ferguson


So there were fantasy points abound for the Colts this weekend…unless you were a running back. If injuries strikes, Ferguson could be in line for some carries along with Robert Turbin. GAMBLE/STASH

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