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Grinders and Gambles – Week 2

So how was your week? Anything interesting happen this weekend? I have one league where I built my team around Dez Bryant and Jordy Nelson. True story.

With Week 1 in the books, we now have a data point to work off of. It is one data point and you shouldn’t panic or celebrate yet, the only thing you can plot with one data point is a point. There were definitely anomalies and adjustments will have to be made as we see what unfolds in the next few weeks.

Grinders: The guys who will get you points in a pinch.


Alex Smith – I told you that he would be appearing here. Don’t expect that level of game from him but he is the perfect grinder. He is still Alex Smith and if you are in a league that understands that he should still be on your wire. He is a great roster fix and should get you steady points.

Andy Dalton – Dalton is 2QB territory or I need a quarterback in a deep league because I gambled on Houston and Cleveland territory. He should be a good grinder this week. San Diego should be up to the task of making him throw and he should get you mid-range QB1 numbers.

Running Back

Danny Woodhead – He looks good and should make a nice flex while the backfield is in flux. If he keeps it up, he could be a great flex/grinder all year.

Ryan Mathews/Darren Sproles – I am trying to figure out if coach Chip Kelly is trolling Philadelphia Eagles fans or if he really is a mad genius. I am going will a little from Column A and a little from Column B. Right now, he just looks mad. Only Kelly would spend $40 million on a running back just to bench him. He has made it clear that in his offense, the back that is in gets the call and he plans to rotate. I expect grinder numbers with upside from both backs.

Khiry Robinson – Did you see Bishop Sankey last week? Terrance West? I have Sankey, I like Sankey, I can’t believe Sankey has improved that much. I think Ingram is going to have a great game and Robinson should be a fantastic grinder.

Wide Receiver

Stevie Johnson – He may not hit it out of the park for you weekly but he has good chemistry with Philip Rivers. He may just hit a point where he is presumed to be here.

Doug Baldwin – Should be good for 8-12 points in points per reception leagues.

Tight End

Gary Barnidge – Someone needs to catch the ball in Cleveland. It was a great week for tight ends and Barnidge probably slipped under most radars. If you are desperate at the position, Barnidge is a nice, super cheap grinder.

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