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Grinders and Gambles is duct tape for teams in need of help. This list is for deeper leagues or for those in shallower leagues who are picking up players in free agency after waivers have run. Grinders are the guys that will get you some points. They may not have an upside but they will grind out 5-15 depending on your scoring. Gambles can get you a goose egg but also have tremendous upside.


Josh McCown , N.Y. Jets

Current ownership: MFL 36%, ESPN 12% and Yahoo! 13%.

He is just grinding away. That last pass of the game was either shameful or wonderful depending on your viewpoint (as a Dolphin fan I loved the pass and I think Bobby McCain did a great job with that catch). The fact is, it didn’t put that much of a damper on your fantasy stats for the day and McCown is grinding.

Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars

Current ownership: MFL 64%, ESPN 15.8% and Yahoo! 17%.

There is regressing and then there is Bortles in the preseason and for most of this season. He didn’t regress to college, he regressed to Pop Warner. With that said he was not terrible this week. Without Fournette bailing him out he threw balls at players instead of in their general vicinity. He has a bye this week and should have Fournette back after the bye which means no one should be scrambling to pick him up. Gamble.

Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears

Current ownership: MFL 38%, ESPN 6% and Yahoo! 7%.

Whelp I was right about the first part…he was terrible last week. Now is the gamble part. New Orleans has actually played better as a defense (you can only go up, am I right?) but that only makes them not as bad. They aren’t going to be calling them the no-fly zone any time soon. If you are desperate and need a fill in Trubisky should be available in pretty much every league that isn’t a superflex or dynasty.

Matt Moore, Miami Dolphins

Current ownership: MFL 4%, ESPN .1% and Yahoo! 1%.

Hey we love Matt Moore down here. It isn’t about his play. We know he isn’t “the guy”, but he is just likable and a fixture. Cutler isn’t expected to play Thursday so if you are desperate and need a gamble, Moore might do right by you. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cutler was back in a couple of weeks but Moore at least has Thursday and frankly, if he can keep winning, the fans will want him.


DeAndre Washington, Oakland Raiders

Current ownership: MFL 41%, ESPN 3% and Yahoo! 3%.

Jalen Richard, Oakland Raiders

Current ownership: MFL 46%, ESPN 5% and Yahoo! 12%.

Sooooo.. Marshawn Lynch. Washington and Richard should split the carries this week. Washington is owned in less leagues and should be available to you.

Dion Lewis, New England Patriots

Current ownership: MFL 73%, ESPN 20% and Yahoo! 30%.

He is still out there in quite a few leagues. Not the ones I am in but he can be had cheap. He is a PPR grinder as long as he is healthy. He is also fragile enough Lladro tried to put their stamp on his foot. Enjoy some cheap points while he is healthy

Rex Burkhead, New England Patriots

Current ownership: MFL 52%, ESPN 10% and Yahoo! 8%.

Because Bill Belichick hates your fantasy football team. Gamble.

Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers

Current ownership: MFL 12%, ESPN .5% and Yahoo! 1%.

Ekeler is getting some carries in relief of Gordon. He is a true gamble this week against New England.

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