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Grinders and Gambles – Week 8

Welcome to Week 8’s collection of starts and pickups for leagues where your bench and/or waiver wire is thin. Played together, “Grinders and Gambles” can help patch holes in a team or be the extra push you need to get those wins.

Don’t sit obvious plays for these guys; they are for when there are no obvious plays or you have question marks all over your bench.

GRINDERS – The guys who will get you points in a pinch.


Brian Hoyer – Hoyer has been outperforming bigger names. A good fill-in for a bye week or a quarterback desperate team.

Jay Cutler – Smokin’ Jay has actually been a decent start this year and his receivers are starting to get healthy. You always risk a multi-pick game but with his team on the mend he might make a nice fill-in this week and for the future.

Running Back

Chris PolkAlfred Blue will probably get the “start” and I don’t know if anyone is a winner here (see last week’s mention) but Polk is probably on your wire. Give him a grab with the hope to eke some points from a Texans team that is ailing. Polk gets a boost in PPR.

Andre Ellington – What’s he doing here? Of all the scenarios, who predicted that Chris Johnson would be the one to shine? I don’t have faith in it lasting. Ellington is talented and shouldn’t even be sitting here but if you are losing faith, keep him as a grinder with amazing upside.

Wide Receiver

Dwayne Harris – Harris has been grinding. Who knows if Cruz is coming back? Patch a hole with a guy who can get you 8-12 points in PPR.

Jermaine Kearse – Kearse lacks the excitement of Tyler Lockett, but he has been a ‘steady Eddie’ for most of this season. Gamble with Lockett, grind with Kearse.

Tight End

Jacob Tamme – Tamme has justified my preseason love of him as a cheap grinder. He isn’t exciting but he should be good for 5-10 points a week with a little upside.

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