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HAFAX – Time to Dominate

The HAFAX League

Just about the time that Jon Gruden and the Tampa Bay Bucs were celebrating their Super Bowl win, most fantasy football players were taking off their helmets and storing away their footballs for next year.  But not The Prognosticator and his staff at Fantasy Sharks!  Turns out Greg Kellogg and the guys at Fantasy Asylum created a Fantasy Experts league modeled after their wildly popular Hire And Fire Association (HAFA) format.  HAFA Experts (HAFAX) was born and Tony was one of the first owners to sign up.  Mixing the expertise of his staff along with some fresh blood from a few privileged Shark faithful, the Fantasy Shark franchise is ready to rule the league.

So what is HAFAX?

HAFAX is a 16 team Dynasty Hybrid Fantasy League that uses an entire staff as opposed to an individual to run a franchise.  The staff consists of an Owner, a General Manager, a Head Coach, an Offensive Coordinator, a Defensive Coordinator and a Special Teams Coach.  Everyone has a specific responsibility and must work together to ensure success of the franchise.  This league is not for the meek.  You can’t just pull out a cheat sheet and show up with your buddies for the draft.

This is not your father’s fantasy league!

The Fantasy Sharks HAFAX Staff

Tony Holm is the Franchise Owner.  His primary responsibilities are to staff the remaining positions, expound on his football knowledge and provide the team jerseys. 

Doug Coutts is the General Manager.  His job is to acquire players to make up the roster.  Players can be acquired as part of the Free Agent Auction, from the 6 Round Rookie Draft, from trades with other franchises or by in season Free Agent pickups.

Mike Rumsey is the Head Coach.  He is ultimately responsible for setting the final roster each week.  

Pat Smith is the Offensive Coordinator.  He is responsible for setting the offense each week.

Doug Gaskell is the Defensive Coordinator.  He is responsible for setting the defense each week.

I am the Special Teams Coordinator and deal with the kickers and punters.  There is not as much to do here so I also get coffee and donuts for the team (and beer for the GM) during the all-night strategy sessions.

Player Acquisition Strategy

The first order of business is to figure out how we were going to fill out the roster.  With 16 franchises the competition for the top players will be fierce.  The first opportunity to get players is by an online auction.  Each franchise has a $30 Million cap to spend on nominated players.  Every player is available to every team, for the right price.  After the auction is complete, rookies and unsigned veterans are available to franchises in a 6 round Rookie Draft.  Each team needs to have a minimum of 12 offensive players, 12 defensive players and 2 special teams players by the end of the draft. 

If you are a loyal Fantasy Shark, then we invite you to follow our progress.  Pat and I plan to bring you insights and information from deep within the Fantasy Sharks bunker as we prepare to dominate HAFAX.  Check back here to follow our progress throughout the season or check out the league website.  This is your franchise so if you have an inside tip on an up and coming player from your favorite team, drop us a line.

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