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HAFAX – Week 2

Hire And Fire Association – eXperts (HAFAX) opened with a disappointing loss for our team.  A number of factors conspired against us, such as our top salaried players, Marshall Faulk, Fred Taylor, Donald Driver, all under performing or getting hurt.  But the best thing about fantasy football is that there is always next week!  Week 2 we take on Fantasy Draftware, another division foe and a team that outscored us 218 to 161.  Whew, we have our work cut out for us.


If you haven’t been following along this off season, check out these articles:


The league web page is at:


Those of you that have been following this know that HAFAX is a team concept in fantasy sports where 6 of us have joined together to run a sponsored team against 15 other well-respected web sites dedicated to this hobby.  It combines auction and draft, defense and offense, and head-to-head competition.  We improved our defensive unit with our two free agent pickups, grabbing a couple of high upside starters on good defenses (LB Akinola Ayodele, Jax & DL Kelly Gregg, Bal).  Each team will play the following positions each week:  1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1OFlex, 1K, 1P, 2DL, 2LB, 2DB, 1DFlex. 


Our starting roster this week is:  QB Green, RBs Faulk & Taylor, WRs Galloway & Streets, TE Heap, K Carney, P Hentrich (No we don’t get his FGs!), DLs Gregg & Schobel, LBs Barrow, Thompson & Ayodele, DBs Newman & Griffith.


Our opponent hasn’t posted its roster, but I look for them to start (best guess at best): QB Gannon, RBs McCallister & Alstott, WRs Stallworth & Booker, TE Stevens, K Reed, P Stanley, DLs Rucker & Scioli, LBs Coakley, Fletcher & Farrior, DBs Green & Williams.


Again, I like our chances.  The loss of Driver hurts, but Galloway played well last week and hopefully that good play will continue.  Streets was a few inches away from an even better day than he had.  We still start the best one-two punch at RB in the League in Faulk and a healthy Taylor.  Heap and Green are solid.  And our no-name low budget defense performed admirably.  I suspect many Faulk owners suffered a loss week one.  But then I liked our chances last week!  Tune next week and see how we performed.

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