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HAFAX – Week 5

Weeks 3 & 4 in the Hire And Fire Association – eXperts (HAFAX) saw our site team go from 1-1 to 2-2.  This week we take on, the guys who started this league apparently know how to run a team in it, as they bring a 4-0 record to the game.  We match up well with them, so go check it out at:


Those of you that have been following this know that HAFAX is a team concept in fantasy sports where 6 of us have joined together to run a sponsored team against 15 other well-respected web sites dedicated to this hobby.  It combines auction and draft, defense and offense, and head-to-head competition. 


We picked up Ernie Conwell as a bye week band aid for Heap and our starting offense this week is:  QB Ramsey, RB Taylor, WRs Driver & Streets, FLEX Galloway, TE Conwell, K Carney, P LaFleur (a free agent pick up last time), DLs Carter & Schobel, LBs Barrow, Thompson & Ayodele, DBs Hamlin & Griffith.


Our opponent hasn’t posted its roster, but they have a strong team led by excellent special teams, a solid defense, and a deep offense void of many superstars (although they have Portis) but so deep that they can take full advantage of good matchups, and have.  Go check them out.


Again, I like our chances.  Watch out for our no-name defense!  Our strategy going in was to pick up defense as we see who we like, and spend the minimum at auction.  Worked out very well, as ultra cheap guys have been at the top of the league, and guys like Hamlin available for the taking.  Saved plenty of money, allowing for us to grab a 6 million dollar man.  Now if only our 6 million dollar man was someone other than Marshall Faulk.  ARRRR!  Be sure to check out the league site and see how we performed. 


Plus, we want your input, tell us who you think we should be looking at adding.  Suggest trades and starts.  Tell us we are nuts for benching Green.  We are all in this together.

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