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A Half Dozen Overvalued Fantasy Players – (per ESPN)

I’m baking up some insight for your fantasy draft. Below are six players that I have found to be overvalued based on their draft position and ranking at ESPN. Let’s Dive in!

1) DeMarco Murray – #10 overall (1st Round, 10th Pick)

No way am I taking an Eagles running back in the 1st round, especially one that hasn’t proven himself as elite talent. The offensive line in Dallas helped him achieve the big numbers last season. Chip Kelly’s fast-paced offense doesn’t guarantee steady game-to-game production from Murray . Murray has also had injury issues in the past. I’m taking Murray in the 2nd round, not buying his 1st round selection status. I have an article coming up showing you the players worthy of a 1st round selection.


2) Rob Gronkowski – #13 overall (2nd Round, 3rd Pick)

I’m never in favor of taking a tight end before Round 3, not worth it. There are too many quality running backs and wide receivers (even QBs Luck or Rodgers) to be taken in the 2nd round, especially when he is a big injury risk. Don’t take Gronk until at least the 3rd.


3) T.Y. Hilton – #23 overall (3rd Round, 3rd Pick)

I am a huge fan of T.Y. Hilton as a player and a person (Colts’ fan bias), just not as high on his fantasy value for 2015. There is much more competition for targets this season than last. Andre Johnson, Duron Carter, Phillip Dorsett, and Frank Gore have been added to Donte Moncrief, Dwayne Allen, and Coby Fleener to form a very crowded group looking for receptions. There are too many mouths to feed and talent around the field to expect the same production as last season from Hilton. He still is a top 15 WR in fantasy football, just giving a caution if you are expecting the same output in 2015.


4) Kelvin Benjamin – #31 overall (4th Round, 1st Pick)

I’m struggling to think that Benjamin will be able to do what he did last season for a couple reasons. They are depending on Jonathan Stewart to stay healthy enough to play 16 games and carry the offense through the ground. That offensive line will be below average and struggle to protect Cam Newton and give him time to throw. It’s just difficult to imagine the same success we saw from him as a rookie with added targets Devin Funchess and a healthy Philly Brown.


5) Joique Bell – #47 overall (5th Round, 7th Pick)

Not necessarily because of the fact that I don’t think he has value at this specific spot in the draft, just not by himself. If you get Bell, you also need to get Ameer Abdullah immediately after with your next few picks. This will be the year that Bell and Abdullah probably see a time-share of carries from game-to-game before Abdullah takes over in 2016.


6) LeGarrette Blount – #63 overall (7th Round, 3rd Pick)

When was the last time that Bill Belichick stuck to one back throughout the entire season? Who knows if Blount will stay in shape or stay out of trouble to play all season. End of discussion.

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