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Hasta La Vista, Baby!!

It’s always nice when you can quote the Governor of California in the title of a Fantasy Football article. Am I dreaming?

Well, I made a respectable show of things in the FantasySharks Survivor League this year, but finally got the bump. Since I was unceremoniously knocked out in the very first week last year, I’d have to consider this run a minor success even though I wasn’t able to go the distance. And I learned a few things along the way as to how to put together a team in this format.

It’s always interesting to see how a team does when one is forced to draft in May and can’t be changed after that. Just like looking back at old draft cheatsheets, the final result often come out much differently than everyone expects. Consider that Marc Bulger, Dom Davis, Anquin Boldin, Steve Smith, Moe Williams, and a cast of other fantasy contributors went completely undrafted in this league. The format is a whole different ballgame than most preseason leagues and you’re often drafting on hunches rather than any news or hard facts.

As I detailed in my post-draft strategy summary, when in doubt I went with veteran players that I knew (or thought I knew) were going to play over younger guys with upside that might not contribute at all. One doesn’t have to win in a league of this format, you just can’t stink up the joint on any given week.

My veteran strategy really bailed me out a few weeks, and cost me badly on others.

What I did right:

I made a few picks that I wasn’t so sure were going to work out, but carried my squad on more than one occasion. I was having second-thoughts about picking Terry Glenn in the 10th, but he had several big games that kept me from being knocked out in earlier rounds. And my last round pick, Jeff Blake, was actually my high-scorer at QB more than once, especially early in the year.

I also think my strategy of drafting 3 QBs and Defenses worked well. The trio of Trent Green, Aaron Brooks, and Blake served me well at a budget price, and the unheralded Dallas, Buffalo, and Washington defenses all scored for me on different weeks. I think I might employ this strategy next year, using my early draft picks for the scarcer RB and WR positions. The downside is that I have two less roster spots, and perhaps that eventually bit me.

What I did wrong:

My veteran stance hurt me for a few guys. I drafted Antowain Smith way too early. For the prior several years people had been writing him off yet he still produced respectable fantasy numbers. Well, it turns out this was the year he went belly-up. Same for Eddie George to a lesser extent. And what happened to Marty Booker? Has anyone fallen off a cliff faster than this guy? 200 catches over the previous two years to being almost completely useless. And I thought Ed McCaffery had a little more tread on the tire…he’s done!

I guess I can’t feel too bad about getting booted at this point. The remaining teams all look far superior to mine. But this squad always seemed to do just enough to hang around. I actually had the highest score over the previous two-week period and therefore thought I was immune from elimination, but alas, immunity only applies to the early one-week rounds. Just my luck, huh?

But like Arnie says….”I’ll be back”!!

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