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Help Us Out by Wagering On-Line

Over the years, I’ve heard many of you express your amazement at what we have created at One comment I get time and time again is, “Tony, great site! Been reading ‘The Progno’ for years. Keep up the great work – and keep it FREE!”

Yes, we are free. We give projections, articles, tools, games, and insight while doing it for absolutely nothing. This is completely a volunteer outfit as we generate revenue for the sole purpose of growing the area we’ve staked out on the web. Many of the contributors to FantasySharks spend very late nights keeping this site humming and in return gain the satisfaction that they’ve contributed unselfishly to the fantasy football community. We’re different here and those that regularly visit us know it. We’re not here to charge you an arm and a leg for our service; we are here to make the folks that do charge, look very foolish.

There are costs involved with running a fantasy football site and while we offset some of those costs with advertising, the larger we grow, the more expensive it gets for us to operate. To continue to attract new members to the site in an effort to get the word out about us, our own advertising budget is where the majority of our revenue goes. After we’ve settled that bill, our ever mounting server costs grow as we keep increasing capacity to handle quickly the many people that flock to the site. For those that have been here since the beginning, you remember when you could barely pull up the site on a Thursday afternoon as too many people were accessing the server simultaneously. They were frustrating times for us too! So we upgraded and upgraded and upgraded again and we’re happy now with the way we’re partitioned and able to handle the load comfortably, but that certainly costs a ton more cash as compared to our initial $14.95/month server space! To support this community and traffic, we spend close to $500/month to ensure your experience is a good one. There are a number of other incidental costs to keep a business afloat that nickel and dime us. It’s amazing how many people want their hands in your pocket. Yet we ask our members to not pay one dime for their usage of our service because we’re old school.

Now before you get worried, this isn’t the “Uh-Oh” message, far from it. We’re not in danger of running dry nor are we planning on changing our fundamental model. My mission remains to make the pay fantasy football sites look silly for charging their members subscription fees while having the audacity to take on advertisers at the same time. Imagine that? Paying for a service that has advertising? That’s greed and many of you unfortunately feed it. We just need to continue to raise the bar and make enough noise out here so that people begin to see the foolishness of their ways.

Unlike almost every one of our competitors, we don’t ask for donations or charge membership fees. Nope it’s all free to you! One thing we have done though is sell advertisements to sponsors, we’ve introduced some from front-end revenue generators like our Shark Leagues and we get some nickle and dimes from our back-end revenue generators from our partnerships. One of our back-end revenue generators is our partnership with

I’m not promoting on-line gambling. It is up to you to decide the legality of placing off shore bets on-line. However, we do recognize that many of our members do enjoy wagering on-line as it adds another twist to their weekend watching. We too have our resident Vinnie and occassionally his cousin Mickey doleing out weekend advice for fun.

Through our partnership with the more folks we send their way, the more kick-back we get. It will not cost you any more than going directly to them or any other on-line site. I can personally vouch for the site as the folks I do know that use them have been quite pleased with their lines and encountered no problems whatsoever placing wagers or receiving their winnings. If you place weekend wagers regardless, and you would like to support our efforts here at, you can help by wagering through our link to

Please BE SURE to click through our link on to for us to get credit for your account when you register with them. If you don’t use the link from we do not receive any credit for your account. Once you’re registered from our link, you can then use at your convenience directly through them.

As always, we thank you for your support!

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