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Hit & Miss or Hit & Run?

There are many reasons to lower a player’s pre-season ADP.

  Sometimes it’s an injury, maybe a coaching change, or a top-rated college draft pick intruding on playing time.

  After all, when drafting your top talent, you want to be confident of their health & 

performance for the entire season.

  Many things can arise that could make you doubt a players stability.

  As we factor in all these issues, I think there is one more issue for consideration:

  Police Reports – no matter the infraction.


As with all professional sports, a high level of responsibility, character, respect, and honor are expected of athletes as they represent their teams.

  Unfortunately, not everyone is a Peyton Manning on and off the field in the NFL.


Case & Point: Millions of children and adult fans worshiped Michael Vick prior to his involvement with illegal dog fighting in 2007.

  Was he an angel leading up to that point?


  But he was an incredible talent on the football field that put fans in the seats; so most ignored the speed bumps in his career as long as they didn’t get too big.

  Looking back, there were lots of warning signs.

  Two men were caught driving a vehicle registered to Mike Vick in

Virginia distributing drugs in 2004.

  In 2005, Vick (aka. Ron Mexico) inflicted a woman with herpes without telling her, and secretly sought clinical treatment.

  Michael treated fans to a display of two “birds” (which were not falcons) after a loss to the New Orleans Saints in 2006.

  Finally, in 2007, Vick was stopped for a hidden compartment in a water bottle that was suspected to carry drugs.

  He claimed it was to hide jewelry…

  Last but not least, he tested positive for marijuana while free on bail before he was sentenced to his current jail term.

  Now those huge Mike Vick fans will need to wait till 2009 or 2010 to see him back on the field.

  Not very beneficial for a fantasy team.


Some pros handle it well and others crumble under the temptations that come with money and fame.

  It seems that many can’t put a stop the train they’ve put in motion.

  So if you are ignoring the trail of bread crumbs your fantasy stud is leaving, don’t be shocked if there is a witch & and oven at the end of the path.



Is Michael Vick the lone target in this philosophy?

  Taking a look around the NFL, it seems there are a handful of players that are leaving these clues.

  Most are in various stages of warnings, suspensions, fines, etc.

  Adam “Pacman” Jones (Titans-released), Chris Henry (Bengals-released), Travis Henry (Broncos- released), Ahmad Bradshaw (Giants- 30 days jail), and many more.



So who is the biggest name to be wary of for this upcoming 2008 season that is possibly at the beginning stages of this pattern?


I am starting to see warning signs rising for Marshawn Lynch.

  His SUV was involved in a hit-and-run of a local

Buffalo woman.

  He has been incredibly difficult with police in their investigation.

  Recent announcements state that he will be pleading guilty to unspecified charges.

  If found guilty, Marshawn could face some criminal penalties and possibly some consequences from the NFL.

  There have even been whispers that he may not be able to play in the Bills’ two games in

Canada if he is convicted of the crime.

  The situation doesn’t scream character, responsibility, honesty, and role model.

  For that reason, I think Mr. Lynch is a ticking time bomb that I will be passing on this fantasy season. 

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