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HOME BASE: April Updates

Thursday April 30

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted here. I got bogged down with the NFL Draft and all that means after the fact. We’ve been busy updating player databases, depth charts, assigning players further sub-positions (like making a DB a CB, FS or SS) and generally getting the player universe all tidied up for the launch of the 2020 fantasy season.

We also tidied up our rookies in our database to get ready for the rookie-only drafts at myfantasyleague and usage of our Draft Coach tool. It supports rookie only drafts, in addition, our Cheatsheet Generator has a “Rookies Only” setting.

We also fixed a bug that was causing our player career projections to misbehave, they look a lot better now.

We’ll have some new stuff for auction leagues coming shortly, that work is progressing and starting to look good. We made some progress on that while I was away.

The Best-ball draft continues.

11.10 RB Boston Scott, PHI

No surprise here, he’s been a steady addition to my best-ball teams around the 11th or 12th round. I’m keeping an eye open for when the backup QB run happens. I would have taken Carson Wentz here, but Wentz went just before me, so I jumped over to Scott at RB because most of the players I still like that are available, don’t have to be drafted this early.

12.03 QB Baker Mayfield, CLE

Three of the last six picks have been QB..  and with a looong wait before I pick again, and Mayfield still on the board, I’ll back up Mahomes here. I really do think he’s an example of a player that needs time to adjust to the NFL and when it all starts to click.. watch out.

13.10 RB Duke Johnson, HOU

It’s just that he’s in a great position depth-chart wise and is a nice little player in a format like this where you don’t have to predict his big days. That 1 point PPR helps to bring up his value too. I focused hard on WR early in this draft so it’s time to pad RB with some of the last scraps available that can contribute and have some upside too.

14.03 TE Greg Olsen, SEA

And there it is.. Step 1 of the upcoming Triple-Lindy at TE. I feel like Olsen would have made it a few more picks but with 18 before here and when I pick again, I just want to lock him in. The TE collection begins here in the 14th. Every once in a while a decent TE falls in my lap but so far, in most drafts, they all go earlier than I’m willing to spend on them.

15.10 WR Hunter Renfrow, LVR

There are a couple of interesting QB’s here but I think I’m going to roll with just two. When you pay for Mahomes, you try to make up for it with extra players at other positions and I like the Mahomes/Mayfield pairing. With RB handled, it’s down to stocking up at TE or grab what’s left at WR which is again, the position I want to beef up in this format. Renfrow came on strong to close his season as the slot receiver for the Raiders and is locked in as their slot receiver to open 2020. He’s tough in a weekly lineup submission league but works well in this best-ball format. He’s capable of some big-big games.

16.03 WR Alshon Jeffery, PHI

Even with all the wide receivers the Eagles picked up in the draft, Jeffery is still the best thing they have going at the position. There’s a chance that Jeffery ends up on another team as Philadelphia has been sending mixed signals but that would most likely be a boon for his stock and not a negative. He’s a late, late dart throw but I like my veterans and I’ll take a chance on him here.

With four picks to go, two will be defenses and in this format, in April, I’ll leave those picks until the end. My plan will be to draft two tight ends here at the end, then grab the two best available defenses and we’ll call this one a draft. I’ll post the entire team when it’s all said and done.

Saturday April 25

Just a couple of updates today, it’s been all draft all the time here at Sharks Central. Round 2 has been processed (offense only so far) and player projections should be catching up soon. They recalculate every hour and should pick up all the changes shortly. In fantasy, rookies always get drafted much higher than they should and apart from at the RB position sometimes, it is almost always best to leave them in the pool while they learn on the job.

Best-ball draft #3 is well underway, I haven’t updated the progress of that draft in a few days. It’s a very familiar looking group of players though. While you were away I picked up:

7.10 WR Julian Edelman, NE

I decided early on to make this a WR heavy team. Edelman is another one of those players that has good value for where in the draft you can get him. I understand Tom Brady is in Tampa Bay and Edelman was his favorite play toy but there aren’t a lot of options in New England and Edelman has a motor that doesn’t quit.

8.03 RB James White, NE

The Patriots in general are dropping like stones in fantasy drafts. Again, I get that Tom Brady is in Tompa Bay but here’s why White makes so much sense: First, obviously in a PPR league as this is, his potential fantasy scoring climbs. Second, when someone like Brady leaves, the clear captain of the team, the team turns to the other captains and James White is one of them. He is respected by the coaches and his team and that will translate into White being a part of the solution that helps to fill the void of losing Tom Brady.

9.10 WR Sterling Shepard, NYG

For me, it’s really all about Golden Tate here, I see his value as being so much higher than a ninth round pick but I know I don’t have to pay a lot for him so I thought I’d be sneaky and pair up the New York receivers by taking Shepard here and then hoping Tate makes it back to me, I expect he will. If Tate goes, I have options but I really want Golden Tate in this draft, I just don’t want to pay up for him. I expect Daniel “Danny Dimes” Jones to take a big step forward this year in his maturation as an NFL quarterback and for the Giants to often be forced into throwing the ball to catch up on the scoreboard.

10.03 WR Golden Tate, NYG

Thank you fantasy gods. I’ll sacrifice a sausage with extra peppers and onions and some mustard a little later in your honor.

So that puts me currently with Mahomes at QB (and I’ll wait until there’s just some scrubs to choose from later), three RB’s and six WR’s. I will draft a TE if one falls, and sometimes one does, but so far that hasn’t happened so I’m most likely going to perform the Olsen/Dissly Triple-Lindy later in this draft but I’ll keep an eye open to see if one falls. I also need to keep one eye open on the QB run that will probably happen soon and not be left looking at either Cam Newton or Jameis Winston as my only options. I’ll want to add two more RB’s and if the pieces fall into place as they usually do, we can pencil in Boston Scott and Adrian Peterson in those two slots. I hit WR hard this draft and have more than any other team so far, I did veer when there was some value elsewhere, but it’s about time to start thinking about filling some holes.

Friday April 24

It’s been a busy couple of days leading up to the draft and then processing Round 1. We’ve updated our depth charts on the offensive side of the ball and player projections have been adjusted. IDP updates are underway but won’t be completed until tonight.

Wednesday April 22

So.. Gronk happened but I’m just not buying it. They’ll sell a zillion Gronkowski jerseys after selling out of Brady jerseys.. there sure is a lot of hype in Tampa right now. We’ve added Gronk back into our projections, right now he trends out as the TE9 using our Default PPR scoring system.

In best-ball draft #3 from near the tail (10 out of 12) some familiar faces have appeared on my roster.

5.10 RB Raheem Mostert, SF

He’s been a lock as my 5th round pick in every draft so far and will continue to be. Being that my 6th round pick is only 5 picks away, if I were gambling, I bet Mostert could have been there at 6.03 but I’m happy paying 5.10 for him. I really don’t want to miss out on him. I don’t think the fantasy community has him properly valued. I like to play a game of chicken in drafts, I get to just before the edge of the cliff before I turn the wheel and pick Mostert. If you ask me, it’s 1st/2nd round fantasy talent sitting in the 5th round.

6.03 WR T.Y. Hilton, IND

Eighteen picks have to go by before I get to select again so I ignore ADP and just look at the next 20 or so guys on my list and pick my favorite when there’s a long wait in a draft. In this case, I dug a little deeper and went with Hilton. I’m a fan, I like his game, he’s capable of huge games which plays well in this format and Philip Rivers may find new life in Indianapolis under a coach that was a QB himself, Frank Reich. There were a lot of options here, mainly at WR but I’m glad I went WR as eight of the last nine picks have been at WR.

In other NFL news… the DRAFT IS TOMORROW! Woot!!

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