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HOME BASE: March Updates

March 31st

The whispers are beginning that there could be an impact on the NFL season due to Covid-19. Note that the official word from the NFL is that they are currently planning on playing a full 16 game schedule. I’d be surprised if they don’t. It’s quite possible that the games would be played without fans in the stands, or a reduced number of fans, but with improvements in testing, it should get everyone back on the field quickly as players can be tested on their way into the stadium and know their result within minutes. No test, no entry. As far as the NFL is concerned, the bulk of their revenue comes from their broadcast partners and as long as they can get their product out on a video feed, they’ll gladly take it. So never say, “never” but I’m fairly certain that there will be football on your television, in some form, in September or maybe October if things don’t come together quickly enough.

One league note, the NFL is delaying release of the 2020 schedule until after the draft this year.

The only real player news to go over as of this writing is Pittsburgh apparently putting Smith-Schuster on a “prove it” year as they want to “see it” before committing to a new deal. That’s smart, I still have high hopes for JuJu Smith-Schuster but he really does have to prove that he is capable of growing in the NFL. He is still very young and a change of scenery may actually be what he needs most but he is already at a crossroads and it remains to be seen which path he takes. We have him as a fantasy WR2 and I’m comfortable with that rank. He has good upside but also has some downside which puts him right in the middle of a cluster of receivers that are in similar situations like Robert Woods, A.J. Green and Courtland Sutton.

I found myself having an internal debate over the merits of Greg Olsen and Will Dissly (both in Seattle now) and I can’t help but think how great that is for Russell Wilson. He has always loved throwing to his tight ends and it fits their run-first mentality even better. Both tight ends can go undrafted in fantasy drafts but I have a sneaking suspicion that they can form a very deadly duo in the end zone, especially with Wilson at the helm and that there will be room in fantasy for both of them.

March 30th

I thought that I’d give this a go. In the year of the pandemic, distractions like fantasy football can sometimes be welcome. Well wishes to anyone struggling with Covid-19, there’s an entire species (primarily) attempting to do their part.

So what’s this about? It’s not really about anything except for attempting to write a few paragraphs each day. I’m going to keep it fantasy football related, the game, the industry, the site and I’ll probably meander a bit. Sometimes you don’t really know where something is going to go and maybe it doesn’t go anywhere. The motivation come from a desire to “do more” lately — so here’s doing.

We’ve been working on a number of things. It’s not obvious to many who just stop by the Sharks site but a large chunk of what we do is service leagues from We have a number of tools that leveraging MyFantasyLeague league specifics, tie into our projections to help manage your teams. We’re taking auction leagues a lot more seriously at Sharks this year and are working on tools to help you draft and manage your auction league teams. We’ll want to take the next step and add some tools that help you with your blind-bid strategy if you use a bidding system for your waivers.. but one thing at a time.

We’ll be updating MyFantasyLeague with the first player position update of the season most likely this coming week. We’re just about there with that initial update.

Our initial 2020 projection set is up and we’re almost there with it, we still need to tweak Team Defense but that’s underway. From doing some early mock drafts there are a lot of names that jump out as early values. Raheem Mostert, Keenan Allen, Cooper Kupp, Stefon Diggs, Malcolm Brown, James White (PPR Only), A.J. Green, Golden Tate, T.Y. Hilton, DeVante Parker, Adrian Peterson, Justin Jackson, Sterling Shepard (though another concussion worries me), Kenny Stills, Alshon Jeffery, Boston Scott and even James Washington late. There are some interesting names that so far, seem to hang around this year.

Like last year, QB is deep and you can get a solid pair late but Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes continue to go early. Not too early, as they are worthy of their high status but know that they won’t last long in most drafts. For me, it’s later in the 3rd round (12-team’er) where you take Mahomes but more likely, I suspect I’ll eventually sand my strategy down to skipping over Mahomes in the 3rd and instead try to time my preferred QB pairing later in the draft and build up some contingency plans if things take a bad turn for me mid-draft — but we’ll see for sure a bit later in the season.

RB and WR are fun this year. There are a lot of them with situations and stories that you’ll either love or hate which will cause half in your league that think similarly, while the other half will be completely on the other side of the fence. It will be the year of the “flyer” as there are so many right now that could be so much more but also just as many that could disappear in a hurry. Add in the talented group of rookie running backs, wide receivers and young quarterbacks with opportunity and it will make for an interesting draft indeed.


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