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Hometown discount

Anyone that has been doing a dynasty draft, or a league that involves the same people year in and year out know what I’m talking about. In a league of 12 or so guys, I bet you can think of one that puts his favorite team on the front burner and his fantasy team on the back every year. Whether it’s an Indianapolis Colts fan taking Dallas Clark in the third round or a New York Jets fan taking Shonn Greene with the first overall pick, there is always someone who reaches wildly because of their football pride.

If you’re in a dynasty league, and you know someone that does this, then plan for it. If it’s the third round and you know that you could take either Matt Forte and start him or you could take Brandon Jacobs and end up trading him to the Giants fan for a big payout, then do it. You just need to identify the people who are diehard knuckleheads. For example, in last year’s draft, all the top running backs and wide receivers were gone. Drew Brees went the pick before me so I was officially out of number one ranked position players. So I played the smartest card I could. I live in

where the Patriots are king. I figured that Tom Brady would be a solid start with around 30 touchdowns and would be a good quarterback for the season. I would then turn around after the season and trade him for a more valuable keeper. And I did exactly that. The diehard Patriots fan traded me one of his keepers for Brady. That player was Adrian Peterson. The plan worked to a degree I never thought possible.

Now this isn’t to say that you should go out and take Brandon Jacobs with your second pick so you can trade him to the Giants fan. What it means is that you need to make a calculated selection based on actual value and if you could get more later. Don’t pick Kevin Kolb ahead of Peyton Manning due to the possibility of stealing from the Philadelphia Eagles fan. The player in question needs to have roughly the same value as the other players left on the board at the same position. If I was in a league that involved a huge Washington Redskins fan and I’m currently drafting my second quarterback and Carson Palmer and Donovan McNabb are on the board, I’d take McNabb due to his increased trade value. They both offer roughly the same value, except the Redskins fan would be more eager to trade for McNabb than he/she would Palmer.

Before this year’s draft take a long hard look around the draft room. Whose in their orange Miami Dolphins jersey? Whose rocking the blue and white horseshoe hat? Whose covered in

purple? These are the guys that you can take advantage of come the trade deadline. If you’re looking for your No. 2 wide receiver and Sidney Rice is there, you may take him ahead of Greg Jennings due to the fact that you can get roughly the same now but the potential for more via a trade with the Vikings fan. Brady for Peterson? Would you make that deal? I did. And I even knew what I was doing months before it even happened. There are deals and steals to be made. Just be on the right end of it.

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