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How Do You Bow Out Gracefully 2?

Unreal. This is my second year in a row writing this article for the same league. Again, I make the playoffs as the #1 seed and can’t get through the 1st round. If I won I would have been going up against my brother for the championship, but it was not meant to be. I ended up the year loosing twice to the Rebels only to be matched up again in the 1st round of the playoffs. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t beat this team! He just has got my number this year. Stinks to think of all of the good taunts I used on him early in the week. I threw out all of the classic cheesy lines I could.

So you ask what happened? Three words. I got Horn’ed! Joe Horn just fired up this weekend for 46 points.  Ugh..I just couldn’t overcome that.  I think that cell phone call he made was to me saying, “you’re all done buddy”.  It’s not like the rest of his team did that poorly. He had Torry Holt…but I had Clinton Portis and Randy Moss…I mean come on!

So now what to do? How will I bow out of FFL this year?

My options:
Option 1: Send the congratulatory e-mail or phone call.

Dear Rebels,

Congratulations on your victory this week. What can I say, you were the better team this week and all year against me and deserve to be in the Finals. How did you lose any games with that guy? Wow! Best of luck next week against “The Wreckers”. I’ll be sure to try and do better against you next year.

– Rob

Option 2: Complain about the Giants D not showing and Joe Horn’s 46 points, and keep the taunting going.

Dear opponent,

I can’t believe how crappy my team was this weekend. I mean those Giants gave up 440 yards..Come on!! If Joe Horn just comes down to earth at all and Portis doesn’t get hurt, my team would have ripped you apart. You are so damn lucky, any other week I double your score and make you cry! Good luck next week against “The Wreckers”. You’ll need it because your team stinks! And by the way, next year I will be crushing you like the (insert adjective) you are!

Option 3: Short and Sweet E-mail.

Nice Win.

I dunno…I’d be inclined to let the taunting go on a little longer…but really…I’m just not sure its worth it at this point.


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