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I Finally Read the “Does MatheuOfVa Live on this Msg Board” Post

It has been haunting me for weeks. That damn msg, “Does MatheuOfVa live on this Message Board” post. Its always there, at the top of the msg boards. It never goes away. And at some point it just kept calling me out to be read. But at 97+ pages, I just couldn’t imagine the energy needed to do it. But it just kept calling and calling….

It was finally time to do it. I needed to find a big block of time. A daunting task you must understand. But, after perusing a few of the pages, I knew that all the people posting in there were the most active posters on the message boards. So, I do feel a certain level of connection to everyone after doing over 25 interviews. We’ve communicated, Private Messaged, and discussed things. But, somehow I didn’t feel connected enough until I knew what that damn message was all about. So, this past Sat morning before the wife was up, and after the dog was fed, I rolled up my sleeves and started.

Page 1. It started off innocent enough from VickFan7NFL. He noticed that “Matheu” had been spending a bunch of time on the msg boards. Much more than anyone else. At the time anyone reaching 500 msg posts received a tee-shirt (boy that seems such a small number now doesn’t it?). Matheu obviously was motived to get that tee-shirt and in no time he got one. So Vickfan7 threw out: “I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I get on this message board I see MatheuofVa’s name as one of the people on it as well. I’m estimating he spends at least 18 hrs a day on it because the man does have to sleep.”

But, somehow by page 5, this single innocent message turned into something much much more. A promise was made by deuecoupe to never let it die. And now it won’t. Oh they threw out trying to kill it at 500 posts, at 1000 posts, when Matt graduates from College. But, I’m not so sure it’ll ever die. And I’m not sure it should.

You want to know what this message is all about. Ever see Seinfeld? That’s it…it’s a message about nothing. And it’s a message about everything. What’s going on in the world. Whether it be Michael Jackson or the BCS rankings. Oh, and every once in a while fantasy football is discussed. But, most of that is saved for the other messages. This is the special one. A place where milestone posts are made, where topics of the day are discussed, where things that effect everyone’s daily life are discussed. How would anyone have known that by the title? Not me.

What’s most amazing is this isn’t an exclusive little club that posts in the message. As you read through all the pages, you notice that newbies start to join. People that were new to climbed right into the message 35 pages into it, read the whole thing, and became part of the community. Truly amazing.

For those that aren’t able to sit down and read the whole thing. Here’s a summary:

1: Does MatheuOfVa Live here.
3: Cubicles
4: Matt realizes the post is off subject and likes it.
5: Recognition of this post is like Seinfeld about nothing.
6: Domeldonk throws out, “Let’s make this a record”. Duececoupe promises to not let it die.
7: Remembering your college years
9: Star Wars
12: Wife, Kids and Sleep
13: Tivo
15: Where has Matt been for 5 days.
16: Guberleague formed
20: Acknowledgement that Matt can’t delete it since Vickfan7 started it.
22: Great movies
23: Shoes
28: The message almost dies
31: Football talk actually
37: Everyone seems to get a bit giddy in there.
43: How many Davis, Smith, and Williams are there in the NFL
45: The famous 666 post
46: Trip to Sweden to visit Paddler
49: Michael Jackson – Wacko
53: Do we kill it at 100 pages?
58: Rob’s Interviews!
60: Throwback jerseys
65: Thanksgiving Football
70: House building
73: They recognize 73 pages into it that the title of Matt’s name is spelled wrong!
75: Wives and football
78: Coke or Pepsi
84: College Football
88: Jokes
91: Ozzy Osbourne
95: Simpsons 

Well, there you go. I finally did get through the message and I think I’ll probably even post my own 1st one soon. I honestly have no idea how long it took to read. I lost track of time. But, I think I’ll come and check in now from time to time to see what’s going on. Except I’ll probably do it more often than every 97 pages.

Somehow it seems fitting as the message is about to flip to its 100th page, that MatheuOfVa gets the honor to post the message that turns the 100th page on this post. Wow. As you can see, none of it is “inside jokes” or an “exclusive club”. I think “Deucecoupe” said it best: “It is amazing, this thread is out of control, but it does offer a break from the norm.” And you know what Deuce? I agree…we all need that from time to time.

So if you’re so inclined…jump right in. I’m sure the water is warm. There’s only sharks in there! I only have one question left for Tony…”Tony? do we automatically have the rights to make this message a book or movie?” Damn that would be great!

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