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IDP Cheatsheet: Divisional Round

IDP CHEATSHEET: Divisional Round

Well, maybe we’d all have been best served if I hadn’t kept the Cheatsheet going into the playoffs, as on the heels of going 1-3 picking last week’s games my recommendations may have left many folks with a thinned pool of talent. Either that, or you’ve read my stuff long enough to know me, did the opposite of what I suggested, and you’re eating high off the hog right now.

Either way, unlike the Bengals and Falcons crapping the proverbial bed doesn’t end my season, so like it or not I have to shake it off, slap the damn horse upside its’ stubborn head, and climb back on (quite possibly backwards).

That said, we’re still playing in a different format here, using the scoring and rules for the BTR Listeners League sponsored by Fantasy Sharks and run by FSWA Hall of Famer Greg Kellogg, who I have the distinct pleasure of co-hosting Kellogg’s Komments with twice a week on Fantasy Sharks Radio. If you haven’t given a listen, you absolutely should, as Greg, Mike Pisani, and Chris Nunes are damned near capable of drowning my drivel out.

Well, almost.

These rankings are based on the scoring for that contest, which awards 1 point for solos, .5 points for assists, 2 points each for fumbles forced and recovered, 3 points for interceptions, and sacks, 6 points for defensive touchdowns, 4 points for safeties, and 1 point for passes defensed, as well as return yardage for picks and fumbles, but those are fluke points best not chased.

It’s also a “one and done” format, which means that once you use a guy he’s through, so what may look like a great play this week may also involve a player you want to save for next. That makes it more important, especially early on, that you try to balance scoring and who you think will advance, so keep in mind that my rankings may reflect biases you may not share, and a bit of “bet-hedging”. (EXAMPLE: The Giants’ DE are both solid, so regardless of whether I think they’ll win or lose I may burn one this week. They lose I got good production from one (hopefully). They win I still have one to use next week.)

No need to go more than 10 deep, so without further adieu…


1.) Jason Pierre-Paul – NYG at GB

2.) J.J. Watt – HOU at BAL

3.) Justin Tuck – NYG at GB

4.) Elvis Dumervil – DEN at NE

5.) Justin Smith – SF vs NO

6.) Osi Umenyiora – NYG at GB

7.) Terrell Suggs – BAL vs HOU

8.) Will Smith – NO vs DET

9.) Haloti Ngata – BAL vs HOU

10.) Antonio Smith – HOU at BAL


1.) Navorro Bowman – SF vs NO

2.) Brian Cushing – HOU at BAL

3.) D.J. Williams – DEN at NE

4.) Patrick Willis – SF vs NO

5.) Jonathan Vilma – NO at SF

6.) Mathias Kiwanuka – NYG at GB

7.) Ray Lewis – BAL vs HOU

8.) Jerod Mayo – NE vs DEN

9.) Michael Boley – NYG at GB

10.) Von Miller – DEN at NE


1.) Antrel Rolle – NYG at GB

2.) Dashon Goldson – SF vs NO

3.) Kenny Phillips – NYG at GB

4.) Roman Harper – NO at SF

5.) Chris Harris – DEN at NE

6.) Patrick Chung – NE vs DEN

7.) Carlos Rogers – SF vs NO

8.) Charlie Peprah – GB vs NYG

9.) Bernard Pollard – BAL vs HOU

10.) Danieal Manning – HOU at BAL

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