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IDP Seadog Report – Week 11

Greetings from the world of IDP’s! Our resident IDP guru, Seadog, is out on vacation for a couple of weeks, and he was kind enough to ask ol’ Swarm to fill in. Big thanks to Doug, as well as Tony and Rob, for the chance to do this!

In honor of Seadog, we will begin with the Top Dogs of week 10!

DL Simeon Rice TB – 4 solo tackles, 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 1 interception! If you own Simeon, feel free to join my new support group for people who benched him for this gem of a performance. He had posted back to back goose eggs in weeks 8 & 9 (of course week 8 is the week he got sent home, hey Rice, how bout you use some of those big bucks for a WATCH!), so if he was on your pine don’t feel too bad.

DL Jared Allen KC – 4 solo tackles, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble. People keep predicting a decline for this kid, and he just keeps putting up solid games. An every week starter in leagues that require a DL.

LB Mike Peterson JAX – 10 solo tackles, 1 sack, 1 interception returned for a 26 yard TD. A superb game from Peterson, who is an annual steal at the LB slot. The Jags have a great upcoming schedule for both the offense and the defense, so keep riding Peterson into the playoffs.

LB London Fletcher BUF – 13 solo tackles, 7 assists, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble. Outstanding performance for London, and considering he goes against Ladanian this week he may come close to repeating these numbers.

LB Demorrio Williams ATL – 12 solo tackles, 1 forced fumble, 1 interception. Yet another outstanding game for Williams, who I have been high on all season, as some of you know from the IDP forums. Like Jared Allen, other sites have been predicting a fall off for weeks now, but its just not going to happen. Demorrio ismulti-dimensional, and his ability to cover the pass is putting him into the upper echelon of LB’s.

DB Adrian Wilson ARI – 10 tackles 4 assists. One of the most underrated stud IDP’ers, Wilson is a tackle machine, and a top 5 DB in almost all IDP formats.

DB Roy Williams DAL and Darrent Williams DEN – Identical stats. 3 solo tackles and 1 season crushing interception return for touchdown a piece. Roy was already universally loathed by Philly fans after the horse collar incident, and young Darrent continues his outstanding season by placing his mark on the storied Raiders/Broncos rivalry. Now onto the top IDP matchups for week 11!

DL Jared Allen KC – Go with the hot hand! This kid will destroy the horrible Texans “line”. DL Bryce Fisher SEA – I see a big game vs the 49ers pathetic line for Fisher, who has been a solid addition to the vastly improved Seahawks defense.

DL Michael Strahan NYG – I think the Eagles pay a little more attention to Osi Umenyiora on the other side after his 4 tackle 2 sack performance in week 10, and that will open the doors for ol man Strahan to take McMahon to the turf at leasttwice.

LB Shelton Quarles TB – A true warrior who has been playing through back pain, Quarles had a down week for him in week 10 with 6 solo tackles. I see a huge week for Quarles versus the run oriented Falcons attack.

LB Odell Thurman CIN – The outstanding rookie from Georgia has become a key part of the resurgent Bengals defense, and you can expect a big tackle day vs Edgerrin James and the Colts.

LB James Darling ARI – A sneaky play here for some of you in deeper leagues, as the outstanding Cardinals LB Karlos Dansby is out this week. Someone needs to tackle Steven Jackson on Sunday, my guess is Darling will be the man.

DB Adam Archuleta STL – Up and down Adam should have an excellent week versus a Cardinals team that will likely throw 45-50 times. Get him in your lineup.

DB Al Harris GB – Al is due for a big interception return. He’ll pick Brad Johnson at least once on MNF.

DB Gibril Wilson NYG – Another streaky DB, but the Eagles will likely be playing from behind, and ask a neighborhood Lions fan about the accuracy issues suffered by Mike McMahon in the Motor City. Wilson should have solid tackle numbers and I smell a pick as well.

Now lets take a look at how things are going in The Wall. Seadog has been filling you all in on this experimental IDP only league, which has some of the finest minds in the Tank among its members. This has been the most fun league I have EVER been in, and I encourage you to explore your own IDP only league next season. It has been a blast, and the amount of depth required to run such a team has boosted my IDP knowledge in a way that has been a massive benefit in my regular IDP leagues, where finding 3 or 4 weekly starters on D is a breeze now. I cannot wait for The Wall II next season! Here’s what happened in The Wall for week 10.

Team Seadog (6-4) 175.5 – Paddler’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (6-4)160.5 Seadog got off the skids with a win over Paddlers game squad. Team Seadog was led by Seahawks rookie LB Lofa Tatupu and Raiders rookie LB Kirk Morrison. Paddlers team was led by Nick Barnett and Derrick Brooks.

The Hussy Bus (5-5) 192.5 – Not So Snazzy Panachevitz (3-7) 124 The Sun God Ra smiles upon The Hussy Bus again, and I am CONVINCED FantasyHussy and The Bus did some sort of sick sacrifice to Ra that gave London Fletcher his super human powers last week. Adrian Wilson also started for The Hussy Bus, and I am quite certain there would be a lawsuit if Mr Wilson knew that to be true. Panachevitz was led by Jared Allen and Jason Webster.

Socalirishsports’ 1985 Bears (5-5) 213.5 – Team Gballs (4-6) 63.5 Socal’s team dominated this matchup with the performance of Mike Peterson. Gballs (who in all fairness has had some lineup issues over the last few weeks) was led by Antonio Pierce.

JBG’s Necessary Roughness #42 (5-5) 150- lt800’s Chargers (3-7) 149.5 Nothing like the sting of losing by a HALF of a point. Ouch. JBG’s squad was led by Sammy Knight and Ben Taylor, while the big scorers for lt800’s boys were DaShon Polk and Marquand Manuel. I told y’all this league is DEEP!!

Deck’s Wrecks (4-6) 156 – CleffedUp’s Brooklyn Larceny (4-5-1) 116.5 Deck’s team got big games out of Zach Thomas and Lawyer Milloy, while Cleffed’s team was led by Osi Umenyiora’s big game.

SJSwarm’s All-American Hulkamaniacs (8-1-1) 153.5 – Dgack’s Andre The Giant Has a Killer D (6-4) 117 My team is now The London Gentlemen, but for one week only we were the All-American Hulkamaniacs, and we did indeed slam the giant. My boys got yet another ridiculous game out of Demorrio Williams, and a solid effort from Antonio Winfield. DGack’s team was headed up by the tandem of Aaron Schobel and Kenoy Kennedy.

Well that’s all from the world of IDP’s this week, good luck to all of you in you matchups for week 11!


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