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Since I started writing the Individual Defensive Player (IDP) Tutorial all the way back in March, I’ve banged out over 20,000 words of tips and strategies, a veritable opus on individual defensive players and the topics that concern them.

Those topics have run the gamut from basic things like knowing your scoring to more detailed discussion of how to play matchups and work the IDP waiver wire. It’s quite a bit of material.

With any luck, at least some of it is helpful.

So, as the IDP Tutorial draws to a close here at Fantasy Sharks, here’s a look back at all the lessons in the tutorial, from one through nine, all gathered in one spot with an introduction for each.

Lesson 1 – Know Your Scoring:
Just as the title indicates, the first lesson of the tutorial is all about knowing the scoring in your IDP leagues and how it affects the value of the defensive positions relative both to each other and offensive players.

Lesson 2 – Basic IDP Draft Strategies:

A “broad strokes” look at a simplified strategy for drafting in IDP leagues, fantasy owners who only read the first two parts of the tutorial can at least glean enough to make it through their draft in one piece.

Lesson 3 – Defensive Linemen:
In Lesson 3, the big uglies up front get the spotlight, with a detailed look at defensive lineman and how their relative scarcity impacts the IDP marketplace.

Lesson 4 – Linebackers:

The fourth lesson in the Fantasy Sharks’ IDP Tutorial is all about the big dogs. Lesson 4 is dedicated to the linebackers and explaining why the position is the foundation of your fantasy team.

Lesson 5 – Defensive Backs:

Defensive backs take center stage in Lesson 5. They may be maddening, and they may be inconsistent, but we try to make sense of the quirkiest position in IDP anyway.

Lesson 6 – Defensive Schemes:
In Lesson 6, things shift a bit from what savvy fantasy owners should do to why they should do it. That portion of the tutorial kicks off with a look at some of the defensive schemes employed around the NFL, and how they affect IDP value.

Lesson 7 – Scorekeepers and Their IDP Impact:

The advanced concepts keep on coming in lesson seven, where the IDP Tutorial Series looks at the NFL’s “dirty little secret” … the inconsistency among scorekeepers.

Lesson 8 – Playing the Matchups:

Winning the weekly matchups within the matchup is a crucial factor in IDP leagues. Lesson 8 provides tips on what to look for in a matchup, and how to use those positive matchups to your advantage.

Lesson 9 – Walking the (Waiver) Wire:
Even after the best of drafts it’s important to look to improve your IDP squad with a fortuitous addition off the waiver wire. Lesson 9 looks at how to separate the wheat from the chaff and better your team with some shrewd personnel pickups in-season.

So there it is. All nine lessons from the IDP Tutorial Series, in one handy-dandy place. I’m sure that as time passes I’ll see things I’d change or remember something I should have included. So it goes.

However, hopefully this is a fairly comprehensive, easy-to-understand resource that IDP newcomers and veterans alike can use to get an edge on the competition.

Don’t forget to check back here regularly at Fantasy Sharks for all your IDP needs, from rankings and projections to waiver wire pickups and strategy. Whatever you need, Fantasy Sharks has you covered!

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