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In many respects, the waiver wire is a living thing in fantasy football. It’s in a constant state of change.

Some weeks, especially early in the season, there’s one obvious No.1 choice – a player who everyone and their mother wants to acquire and add to the team. On those weeks it’s good to have top priority or a lot of FAAB cash in the bank.

On other weeks, especially as we get later in the year, the IDP waiver wire looks my checking account. Empty. Barren. Depressing.

Tell em’, Eeyore.

Luckily, this is not one of those weeks.

I get asked from time to time how I decide who to feature in this column. It’s not complicated – I survey the players who are available in the IDP leagues I play in. If they’re available in one of them, they’re eligible to be discussed here.

It’s why the majority of the recommendations here fall into the “less than obvious” category – while I wish there was low-hanging fruit available to be plucked in my leagues, that just isn’t the case.

This week, however, is a little different.

While researching this week’s piece I was struck by just how much meat there is on the bone this week – a real rarity this late in the year. There are veterans returning from injury. Youngsters stepping into larger roles. Grizzled vets being called on to step it up because of injury.

These players aren’t just rosterable. Many are startable in Week 10.

If only we could have this over the six-team byes the last two weeks.

I think the IDP Gods are just screwing with us.



Denzel Perryman – ILB, Los Angeles Chargers

Perryman hasn’t played this season after injuring his ankle in the preseason. But as ESPN’s Eric Williams reported, head coach Anthony Lynn thinks that it shouldn’t take long at all for the 24-year-old to be back to full speed. “We get him back in the building on Monday and go from there with regular practice,” Lynn said. “Denzel’s been practicing for the last couple of weeks anyways, so I have a pretty good idea where he’s at. But I think it’s safe to say he could slide right back in and start.”

Lynn qualified those comments a bit on Monday, saying via the team’s Twitter account that “My bet is Denzel (Perryman) is going to play,” but allowing that he wasn’t sure how much. Before getting hurt Perryman was a trendy breakout pick in IDP circles as the defensive play-caller for the Bolts. His long layoff makes him a risky start this week, but he should be back to playing every snap for the Chargers in relatively short order.



Robert Ayers – DE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Per Luke Easterling of Bucs Wire, former Tampa great Warren Sapp recently ripped Ayers while criticizing how the struggling Buccaneers were using defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. “Gerald has more sacks since he came into the league than any other defensive tackle,” Sapp said. “Tell me why Robert Ayers, who’s a defensive end, now has the free reign to where he wants to go and you got to get out of his way?”

Sapp speaking his mind is nothing new, but in Week 9 at least Ayers played well, notching six tackles, a sack and a forced fumble in a loss to the New Orleans Saints. Ayers was already playing more snaps than any other defensive end on Tampa’s roster, and with Noah Spence on injured reserve and William Gholston out indefinitely that isn’t going to change any time soon.


Dwight Freeney – DE, Seattle Seahawks

At the ripe old age of 37 Freeney has racked up three sacks in two games since joining the Seahawks, drawing raves from head coach Pete Carroll. “He had three other rushes that were just a hair, an eyelash from being clean sacks,” Carroll told 710 ESPN Seattle’s Brock Huard and Mike Salk via Lindsey Wisniewski of Seahawks Wire . “He’s as clean as you can get, and the ball just got out before he could get out there. He can’t get there any quicker. Geesh, man. He’s producing.”

Starting Freeney in an IDP league has been a risky proposition for several years courtesy of the number of snaps he plays – just 25 against the Redskins and 43 in his two games combined. The dreaded doughnut becomes a real possibility with a snap count that low, but here’s the thing – whether it’s Seattle this year, Atlanta in 2016 or Arizona the year before Freeney keeps getting to the quarterback.


Will Compton – ILB, Washington Redskins

Compton’s long been something of a lightning rod on social media for Washington fans who aren’t pleased with his level of play – something he told Master Tesfatsion of the Washington Post he’s grown used to. “It is what it is,” Compton said. “It’s gotten a little more funny to me because it’s the same people that want to say something no matter what. It’s funny to me that I’m always on their mind, that I happen to ruin some part of their day because they want to look for something to comment on. It’s funny.”

Those fans had little to complain about in Week 9, as Compton posted 8 total tackles and intercepted a pass in Washington’s huge win over the Seattle Seahawks. Most important for IDP owners was Compton’s snap count – with Mason Foster on the shelf Compton had been platooning with Martrell Spaight, but against the Seahawks he logged a whopping 82 snaps. If that holds, the 28-year-old showed as recently as last season he can be a viable IDP asset.

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