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IDPeople: An IDP Adventure

The lineup for this week has been giving me pause for thought, though.

Basically, I’m going with

Casey over Dareus at defensive tackle due to his brother being the victim of a tragic and fatal shooting in a multiple homicide this past week. Sometimes you remember football is just football…

Defensive end is much easier, it more or less picks itself now. I prefer Robert Quinn’s matchup against Washington, than Adrian Clayborn’s. As the next few weeks go by, it’ll get easier to be more accurate about which matchup’s are working best – but for now I’m just more inclined to see Quinn use his speed to catch Robert Griffin III on a bootleg than not. Here’s to hoping.

At linebacker, it’s a sign I need to deal away some depth as I’m to-ing and fro-ing over starting D’Qwell Jackson. Would you believe? Yeah, me either looking at the state of the team last year. I’ll probably end up starting him. Always start your studs, right? Too early to be overthinking this one, but it’s boiling down to him and Donald Butler this week.

Cornerback and safety literally took about five seconds. Buster Skrine against Cincinnati offensive coordinator Jay Gruden’s version of the West Coast offense. Someone is going to be picked on badly here – it’s either going to be him or Dimitri Patterson. I’ll take my chances. Reliable Antoine Winfield takes the second spot. T.J. Ward and Kurt Coleman bring up the rear.

Would’ve liked to have started Atari Bigby against the Titans, but if Chris Johnson is going to keep that up, he’s never going to get to the second level for Bigby to “level the boom.” Similarly, Harrison Smith is going to be more likely chasing down receivers against Andrew Luck, the Indianapolis running game and offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. Good for assists, not so great for solo tackles.

This week’s opponent is someone I respect a lot and someone you might’ve seen around in the tank (Bunnywafer aka “The Rusty Nails”). Their team is good and they were the second-highest scorer last week and made a second consecutive playoff run last year. In short, he’s not someone I’d take lightly …

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