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If you are new to the game of Fantasy Football

Through the years I have tried to keep the game of Fantasy Football simple. I try not to over analyze. There are many tools available to a protential newcomer to the game. You have ADP, VBD and EVDB among others. All these carry their weight and have their own merits.

If you are a newcomer to the game I suggest you keep it simple as you get your feet wet. Here’s what I have found to help me the most in  my decision making come draft day.

Once you have found out your draft position, consider the scoring system your League is using. Is it a Point Per Reception (PPR) League? Let’s say you are drafting 6th in a PPR League. LT, SA, LJ, Jackson, Gore and Addai are gone. You are looking at Parker and loving it, but will Fast Willie be a good fit on  your PPR Team? Looks at last years stats. I’d take Brian Westbrook in a heartbeat here. Tons of yardage and receptions makes you a instant contenter with him on your team.

When looking at last years numbers, consider any coaching changes that may affect this years performance. In the example of Westbrook, his gameplan should reman intact as its business as usual in Philly. He proved last year he can stay healthy and be the workhorse for the Eagles. Westy caught 77 balls last year and should only improve on those numbers this year. Parker caught 31.

Study the other owners and their teams as they draft. Its the sixth round in a ten team League. You have pick 6.07. You need another running back but they are some good Wideouts available. Lets say Coles, Santana Moss and Dieon Branch are available. At runningback you have Jerious Norwwood, Julius Jones and Fred Taylor available. The owners at 6.08 thru 6.10 have three runningbacks on their team and need WO’s. Odds are, only two of these Runningbacks will taken in those next six picks as they will scramble to pick up a Wideout. In this case I’d go with Laveranues Coles (91 receptions in 06) and take JJ on the way back up. You have taken points that would have been used against you, put them on your team and got your serviceable RB you wanted to boot at 8.03.

Don’t get caught up in the position runs. Its the 9th round and Defenses are flying off the board. Its your pick and your are looking at San Diego. Human nature says to pick a defense while the getting is good. But look at the points being left on the board. Chris Cooley is available. He caught 57 balls and 6 TDs last year. With Campbell coming of age, are you going to bypass this kind of production from a TE for a D? Not me. I’d take Cooley and then look for a Dallas, Philadelphia or Jacksonville with my next pick. One returned interception for a TD will put most defenses on top of the D scoring pylon each week and any of the above mentioned are more than capable of that.

The main objective in playing Fantasy Football is to enjoy yourself. Don’t make it harder than it is. Don’t overlook your bye weeks and draft the position and or player, that is going to provide your team with the most points. As you gain experience, you can broaden your approach. Never second guess your first instinct about a player as you have formed that opinion for a reason. Go with your gut as they say.

If you are new to the game I hope this simple approach helps you in your decision making. May good health and many Touchdowns follow your players throughout the 07 season and my best wishes for a successfull and funfilled Fantasy Football season. Good luck to you.

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