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In Shark Contrast: Is Nick Foles a QB1?



Does one game make someone a QB1? Was Nick Foles a QB1 prior to Week 9’s seven touchdown performance
versus the Raiders? Sorry, but you don’t go from waiver wire fodder to QB1 based on one game. How many
games did it take the Chargers’ Philip Rivers to finally earn QB1 status this season?

Prior to Sunday, Foles had thrown six touchdown passes in 89 attempts. That includes a Week 7 performance
at home versus the Cowboys in which Foles was 11-for-29 with zero touchdowns. That’s the same Cowboys
defense that just allowed 236 yards and two total touchdowns to Christian Ponder. Ponder was 25-of-37 for
236 passing yards.

In order for Foles to be a QB1 he’s have to be one of the top-12 quarterbacks in the league. So, let’s
take a look at my top-15…

1) Peyton Manning
2) Drew Brees
3) Aaron Rodgers
4) Matthew Stafford
5) Tony Romo
6) Philip Rivers
7) Cam Newton
8) Tom Brady
9) Russell Wilson
10) Andrew Luck
11) Robert Griffin III
12) Andy Dalton
13) Colin Kaepernick
14) Eli Manning
15) Jay Cutler

Would you have started Nick Foles over any of those quarterbacks prior to Week 10’s game? I didn’t think

Another factor that has enabled Foles to flourish has been opposing defenses’ focus on stopping the
Eagles’ running game. Since Week 3, LeSean McCoy has rushed for more than 73 yards only once and has one
rushing touchdown over those six games. That’s about to change as defenses redirect their attention
towards the Eagles’ passing game. Something they didn’t have to worry about with Michael Vick under

I’m totally onboard with Foles being 100% owned in every league and as a QB2. I also believe that Foles is
on his way to QB1 status, just not yet. We’ve seen the really good from Foles and the really bad from
Foles, now we need to see some consistency. Foles’ worst game of the year came at home and the Eagles play
four of their next six games at home, including Week 16.

Grab him and stash him if you have the means and the room on your roster. But make sure that you have a
quality option to use in the meantime. Also, be forewarned, that just when you least expect it, Foles can
and will cost you a game.


Mark Twain famously wrote; “There are lies, damn lies and statistics.” Jim has exemplified Twain by
conveniently ignoring Foles’ entire 3 1/2 game stretch. I’ll bet even Jim was surprised to read Foles has
averaged roughly 30 fantasy points per game since taking over in the middle of week five.

Jim did mention Foles’ week seven performance. Now I’ll be the first to admit Foles looked lost in the
weeds against the Cowboys, holding the ball in the face of pressure, often taking his check down. However,
in Jim’s recount he failed to acknowledge the Foles was pulled from the game in the mid third quarter for
“precautionary reasons” after bumping his head. It’s a well-known fact that a majority of fantasy points
are scored in the fourth quarter. A complete game would have told the full story.

Jim does make a good point. Maybe the Eagles opponent’s game plan will change. But I’ll clue you in on a
little secret; Shady is a gamer in both the running and passing game. Any team that fails to account for
LeSean McCoy will be punished, and the rest of the league will take notice once again.

Finally, Jim posed the question, “was anyone starting Foles prior to this weekend?” It just so happens I
did, and won because of it. The real question is; will anybody be starting Foles in week 11-16? If you’re
relying on Andy Dalton, Eli Manning, Robert Griffin III, or just lost Aaron Rodgers, I suggest you run,
don’t walk to the waiver wire and swoop up Foles. Even if your starter is Russell Wilson or Colin
Kaepernick you should add Foles as a situational spot start when these two have a tough matchup.

In short, will Foles be a start-able/low end QB1 by seasons end? Not a doubt in my mind.

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