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In Shark Contrast: Luck vs. Wilson


As a diehard Hawks fan, a question that rages amongst my friends is; Andrew Luck vs. Russell Wilson. They argue; “these two quarterbacks are equally matched in every single category be it; knowledge, work ethic, determination, leadership, arm talent, athleticism, speed, vision, etc, etc, etc. The only distinguishable advantage is Andrew Luck’s size.” To which I reply; “exactly.” Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade my QB for anybody, but if I’m an NFL GM, even the smallest advantage is enough to make my decision easy. Luck – 1, Wilson – 0.

As a fantasy owner we must also look through the dynasty binoculars. First we examine the offensive system/coaching staff. While the Colts want to play smash mouth defensive football, the Hawks are that team. Seattle is better equipped defensively to execute a game plan predicated on keeping the score low, and running the football. More running equates to less passing (it’s simple math really). Luck – 2, Wilson – 0

Furthermore, Seattle is amongst the youngest defenses in the NFL, as many of their starters are still on their rookie contract (Sherman, Thomas, Irvin, Wagner, Wright, Thurmond). Plucking pro bowlers out of the 5th and 6th round has become common place for Carroll and Schneider, proving this is no fad. In short, this is a defense built to sustain longevity. Luck – 3, Wilson – 0

While we can theorize all day long, there is one cold hard fact nobody, not even the great Jim Bukowski can overlook, statistics. In exactly the same number of games played, Andrew Luck has out produced Wilson by 3.7 points per game. As the saying goes, numbers never lie. Luck – 4, Wilson – 0

Sorry Jim, and Seahawks fans, the only right answer is Andrew Luck.


There’s also a saying that goes like this, ‘figures never lie but liars often figure.’ Now, I’m calling Eric a liar but the numbers I’m looking at tell a different story. Using the Fantasy Sharks’ points scored tool, I come up with Luck outscoring Wilson by 1.6 points per game over 21 career games, with the majority of that difference coming in the first seven games of their rookie year. If you take out the first seven games of both of their careers, which is right about the time Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll opened up the play book for Wilson, you will see that Wilson has actually outscored Luck by 3.6 points per game over the last 14 games.

Eric also mentioned that the only distinguishable advantage that Luck had over Wilson was size. In that case, I’m surprised that Eric didn’t make a case for Seahawks 1991 first round draft pick Dan McGwire, who happened to have checked in at 6-foot-8.

I’m no psychic, but the recent acquisition of running back Trent Richardson could only indicate the Colts desire to run the football more effectively, and as a wise man once said, ‘more running equates to less passing (it’s simple math really).’

I could go on, but I do believe that’s Hartvigson I hear whimpering…’no mas.’

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