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In Shark Contrast – Peyton Manning


If you own Peyton Manning now is the time to “sell-high.” We’ve seen the best that Manning has to offer this season. Nagging injuries and cold weather are about to take a toll on Manning. I’m not saying that Peyton is going to turn into Eli, but you could really improve your team if you were to sell-high on Manning right now.

Through the first four games of this season, Manning threw 16 touchdown passes while not throwing an interception. Whereas, through the last four games, Manning has thrown 13 touchdown passes while throwing six interceptions. While he’s still the No. 1 quarterback, he’s coming back to the pack.

Teams are starting to get to Manning and it’s taking its toll, as Manning had to take a day off before Week 8 in order to rest his ankle. Rumor also has it that his elbow may have been a little sore after taking a hit on his arm while throwing a pass in Week 7. Oh, and let’s not forget that the Colts brass decided to leave the dome open for their Week 7 tilt versus the Broncos due to Manning’s decreased effectiveness when the temperature drops. And the temp was only in the mid-50s.

Below is Denver’s schedule between Weeks 11-16 and the average temperature that we can expect…

Week 11 host Kansas City – Nov. 17 High of 50
Week 12 at New England – Nov. 24 High of 47
Week 13 at Kansas City – Dec. 1 High of 47
Week 14 host Tennessee – Dec. 8 High of 43
Week 15 host San Diego – Dec. 12 High of 41
Week 16 at Houston – Dome

The bottom line for me is that unless you’re undefeated and very solid at every position, the time has come to deal Manning. Teams know that if you can get to Manning you can knock him off his game, so it’s only going to get worse. And, should Manning make it to the fantasy playoffs in one piece, he won’t be the Manning we saw in Weeks 1-4.


See Eric’s article below.


So, you’re trading Peyton Manning? In a season when he is set to become the most productive fantasy player, ever! Jim, you must have eaten a laced batch of Halloween candy. Like a defense lawyer, I don’t need to run down all the reasons Manning is set to lead our team to a championship. In all honestly, I’m perplexed what kind of argument Mr. Bukowski will conjure up in order to convince me.

Perhaps he’ll toss out the old “sell high” argument. But that term is reserved for players who are “overachieving.” Sure Manning is set for a decline in production, after all he’s on pace for nearly 6,000 yards and 58 touchdowns. Those numbers would not only be record breaking, but record shattering (Brees 5,476 yards and Tom Brady 50 touchdowns). Sure Manning may have peaked, but 5,500 yards and 52 TDs is a lock.

I anticipate Jim might talk about his upcoming schedule. I’ll admit Denver has some tough matchups including; Tennessee, Houston and KC twice. But Peyton Manning has proven to be matchup proof. Manning is like clockwork. Perpetuated by the superior depth of the Broncos high flying offense, defensive rankings can be thrown right out the door.

As I dug deep the only conceivable downfall I could find is a battered offensive line. The loss of an All-Pro left tackle is a steep mountain to climb. But Manning has always played behind a subpar offensive line dating back to his days in Indianapolis. I need not remind you he’s a magician at reading the defense, getting the ball out quickly and giving his pass catchers an opportunity to make plays.

Finally, what could we possibly receive in return that would be fair compensation? Calvin Johnson and Marshawn Lynch? Dez Bryant and Matt Forte?

Again, I’m curious as to what Jim is thinking, or should I say, what is he smoking. Trust me, you don’t want to be “that guy” who traded Manning during the best fantasy season by any player, ever. To paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson; “you bought the ticket, now ride the ride.”


Typical Hartvigson, playing scared. Don’t be “that guy,” he says. What could you possibly receive in return, he asks? There’s at least one sucker in every league, and if you can’t figure out who it is, it’s you. Find that sucker and make a deal.

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