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In Shark Contrast – Week 3

Due to some technical difficulties this week our friend from across the pond, James Elvins, will not be joining us this week. So, Jim Bukowski will be flying solo as he recaps some of the top fantasy stories so far this season.


Many average draft position lists had Kolb being drafted as a Top 10 quarterback with a ton of upside. Many a fantasy owner felt that they could wait on a quarterback because clearly Kolb was going to have an Aaron Rodgers’ type first season (sarcasm). What makes this my No. 1 story of the season is that Kolb didn’t lose his job because of an injury – that would have been easier to take – he lost it because Michael Vick has just played better. No fantasy player expects to lose his starting quarterback after having him throw just 10 passes.

I totally agree with Eagles’ head coach Andy Reid’s decision to replace Kolb. But, who could have imagined it playing out this way? Especially this soon?


McFadden is second in the NFL with 240 rushing yards. Granted he hasn’t scored and Michael Bush is on his way back, but he was the 36th running back selected. Al Davis will make sure that Bush doesn’t eat too much into McFadden’s hot start. As McFadden is on pace for 1,920 yards and 64 catches. Now if only he could find the end zone.


I don’t care if it’s only two games, Cutler leads the league in quarterback rating with a 121.2. He’s thrown for 649 yards and five touchdowns while only throwing one interception. Four thousand yards and 30-plus touchdowns are a distinct possibility for Cutler. Now if only he can keep his interceptions to less than 20. 

Cutler was being drafted right ahead of Kolb … how many of you would like to have that pick over?


Tomlinson has been very impressive making the most of his carries. He has carried exactly 11 times in each of the first two games and is averaging 6.3 yards per carry.  Shonn Greene has been struggling, but even if he can right the ship he’s not going to affect Tomlinson as long as LT continues to drink at the Fountain of Youth.


Favre is the 29th rated quarterback with a rating of 56.1. He’s thrown just one touchdown while throwing four interceptions. Sidney Rice is at least six games away from coming back and the Vikings receiving corps is in a shambles. It looks like Favre unretired one too many times.


Why wouldn’t San Diego Chargers’ general manager A.J. Smith take a second- and a fourth-round pick for Jackson? Who knows? But, Jackson has learned what all of us who work a 9-5 job know all too well … we’re all replaceable, very replaceable.


I really don’t think McNeill is a worthy of this list, but I found his signing humorous.  Is it just coincidence that McNeill signed his $444,000 tender offer just days after if becomes apparent that Jackson will probably sit out the rest of the year? I think not. 

If only McNeill would have come to his senses back in June, he could have made $3.18 million this year. Somebody was giving this man some very bad advice.


None of the guys listed above has rushed for a touchdown in the first two weeks.  Meanwhile, Seahawks’ quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has two rushing touchdowns.  You may want to buy-low on some of the guys above.

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