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In the Football Universe

In the football universe, a dynasty is the dominant franchise in the league for multiple seasons. It’s a testament to the world that the first time wasn’t a fluke and that this team, built year over year, is the gold standard. Even with Alabama’s recent induction,
dynasty is still one of the most exclusive and sought after titles in all of sports.

And now with Fantasy Football Dynasty Leagues, you too can try to join this elite class. Dynasty leagues extend the same challenge to you that real franchises face: build a team that will be good now and for seasons to come. In the leagues, most of the team you draft in the first season will be your team for years. So, your decisions are even more crucial than in regular redraft leagues.

But that’s the draw to dynasty leagues. They’re more fun and exciting because there’s more pressure and action. In the standard league, after the championship there’s nothing to do until August. In a dynasty league the action never stops. There’re always trades to consider, retired players to replace, and supplemental drafts to plan for.

It’s yearlong fantasy action where you have to constantly weigh both the immediate and future implications of different transactions. Dynasty leagues represent the next level in fantasy sports, from college to the NFL. And it’s probably time you think about accepting the challenge, like Leonard LaPadula did last year.

LaPadula is the founder of Advanced Sports Logic, the leading innovator in fantasy sports software. The math whiz inherited the worst team in a friend’s dynasty league, providing him with an interesting opportunity to personally test his signature product: The Machine.

The Machine, which has a specific dynasty configuration, uses complex math to predict with astonishing accuracy how moves will affect winning percentages (for the next three years!). TM is light-years ahead of typical cheat sheets. It’s customizable, it updates after every transaction and it suggests tons of different strategies among other capabilities.


It does the sort of math you’ve suspected could help you with fantasy but you’d have no idea how to calculate. Dynasty leagues and The Machine, then, are the perfect match. They’re at the forefront of the changing fantasy world, where more challenging game play calls for more advanced tools.

When LaPadula first got his hands on his new team, in February of 2012, The Machine gave him a .5% chance of winning the championship. He jumped into action, consulting the Machine on the best ways to trade and play the waiver wire.

Stock piling picks for the next three years and making a series of small moves that increased his chance of winning, LaPadula started dramatically changing the worst franchise in the league. In his first season with help from TM, LaPadula’s underdog franchise made the playoffs.

This year with even more draft picks and a much better roster, LaPadula is poised to make a run for the championship. And it seems that LaPadula, with help from The Machine, may be able to establish his league’s first true Dynasty.

Don’t you think it’s time you try too?









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