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In the land of the blind, one-eyed men are kings.

Lane Kiffin was moving forward with the Raider offense and backward with Al Davis. Kiffin was not set up for success from Day 1 with personnel that Al had hand picked. When you look at the moves the Raiders made at the skill positions, how were they going to convert 3rd downs and red zone opportunities with bad receivers? Javon Walker (texas ranger), Ronald “chicken” Curry and Johhny Lee Higgins are your starting three?

Kiffin is out, and his name will resurface again as a head coach probably in the college game.

Scott Linehan was fired because he lost the locker room. Marc Bulger and SJAX were outspoken in his demise. He should have taken Jim Haslett with him. I think there is a vacant position for a defensive coordinator who can’t defend the run or the pass. It’s called unemployment. Ram fans unite and be heard. Haslett is part of the problem folks, not the “interim” solution.

Baltimore lost the most physical game of the week. Turns out the Steelers D had something to say. Steelers’ Rashard Mendenhall’s text message was returned to sender when Mendy ran into Ray Lewis, who sent a text of his own.

It read:

Crack!!!! Rookie, It’s not just for baseheads anymore.

Brett Farve looked like a kid in a candy store throwing a whopping six TD’s. (Laveranues Coles three td’s, Jerricho Cotchery two and Dustin Keller one) Do you think Coles misses his old pal Pennington? As for Chansi Stuckey leading the team in receiving this season? Who writes this crap? I read it somewhere.

Willis McGahee did his best Rashard Mendenhall impersonation Monday night. Look for Le’Ron McClain to assume most of the carries from this point. Ray Rice is a third-down back going forward.

Terrell Owens can ask Tony Romo for the ball. Let him ask. Owens believes they lost the game with the rival ‘Skins because he didn’t get the ball enough. What happened to “that’s my quarterback… sniffle”?

Reality is that Marion Barber didn’t get enough carries to make the defense respect the run. Barber isn’t a cancer, so he didn’t make a circus out of the debacle by airing his frustrations to the media. A lousy eight carries?

Larry Johnson rumors laid to rest. Larry is back and should be in your lineup as a #1 to solid #2 back. We all know the Broncos defense is suspect, but he ran with a gear owners hadn’t seen in over a year. LJ owners know how streaky he is.

Chris Johnson showed that it’s not all about LenDale White at the goaline. Two carries in short yardage for TD’s. You thought the bandwagon was full already, but wait until he breaks a long one for a td. Mr 4.24 looks like a top rookie of the year candidate and the best fantasy dynasty prospect since Adrian Peterson last season .

Idiot Audible of the week:

(We have a four way tie!)

Al Davis – I’m not going to pay. Dump Direct TV, switch to Cable.

Terrell Owens– We move the ball when I catch it. (DERRRRR.)

Scott Linehan – I’m going to the bullpen – Gimme Trent Green.

Rams Ownership – Can we let Linehan go? We still have Jim Haslett. He’s good enough for the rest of the year. We blame everything on Scott, reinstate Bulger and get Faqhir Brown back. Problem solved on our end.

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