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Instant Analysis: A-Rod

Will A-Rod miss two weeks, four months or the entire season?  No one really knows, but I do know this, A-Rod will not be on any of my teams this season.  According to Mock Draft Central, as of the early morning of Friday, March 6,

the lowest Rodriguez has been drafted was 21.  I’m not even going to begin to list the names of the players who were on the board when A-Rod was selected at his lowest draft position.  But, in my opinion, the risk just isn’t worth it.

The thing that made A-Rod so appealing was his ability to steal 15+ bases every year but one, 2002, since 1996.  I’m not a hip expert and the Yankees are certainly keeping things quiet as they assess their next move, but I just don’t get the feeling that Rodriguez will be attempting many stolen bases once he returns to action.  Being in the second year of a 10-year, $275 million contract and scheduled to make $27 million in 2009, there is just no way that I see the Yankees letting A-Rod run as much as he used to.

Stolen bases aside, there is just too much uncertainty in A-Rod’s current situation for me to advise taking him, even in the third round.

The Yankees will move quickly to acquire a third baseman as the price will only go up once the league gets word that A-Rod’s situation is worse than initially reported.  So, do yourself a favor and pass on A-Rod, because even though the Yankees are committed to A-Rod for the next nine years, luckily, you are not.

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