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Interview with a Devil – Davlar8

*I started this interview in good time before the season. Midway real life caught up with me and the interview was put on hold for a while. The first half was made before the season and the second half was made during weeks 4-5. //Paddler

The time has come to go down south. It’s time for Big Satan to interview Little Satan. So hold on to your hats and wigs. Express elevator – going down…

Uuahahaha (The intersatanical evil laughter greeting). Congratulations Davlar on becoming the Tanks 2:nd Hell-Whale (= 1000 messages and a devil avatar) on the Message Boards!!

Thank you my evil friend. Coming from a fellow red devil that means alot. I’ve never posted more than once or twice on any other site. But this one’s far and away the greatest site I’ve found, so I felt the need to contribute. Call it a burning desire to post. Maybe the people here fueled my competitive fire. Okay, enough of that, on with the questions.

Or should I say fire away.

So tell us, do you really have a life outside the Tank or is that just rumors?

Yeah, I have a pretty good life in the real world. When I’m not starting trouble in the tank I’m usually out riding the Fatboy through the Missouri countryside. I have 2 daughters 19 & 21 and the oldest will make me a grandpa in October. At least she waited until I turned 40 to give me the gray hair. I also enjoy a good walk ruined (golf) and hanging off the side of a tree for hours on end when bowhunting season starts.

Wow! Bowhunting? Fatboy? You’re Rambo! Ok, if it wasn’t for the golf. That kind of ruined it a bit. Guess I need to ask about your handicap for all the golfers out there.

Anywhere from a 15 to 18 which means I’m pretty bad most of the time. That’s why I’m usually on the Harley or behind the keyboard during the summer.

True. Posting like a madman won’t help the handicap much. 1000+ posts is a huge number in any forum. How often do you log on and how do you prevent domestic disturbance about you being a Sharktank-addicted posting-freak?

Two things allow me to enjoy the level of involvement that you guys see. Number one is that my wife works evenings for the UPS hub in town. She leaves about 1/2 hour before I get home and she gets home at around 11pm or so. We’ve been married for almost 15 years(2nd wife) and she’s been on this or the late night shift for about 14 of those years. Number two is the fact that my work doesn’t track internet usage unless there’s a problem with an employee. Since I’ve been in my line of work for about 20 years I can surf and still meet or exceed the companies expectations. If either of these were to change you’d see a radical dropoff in my rantings on the board.

To be able to post from work seems to be one of the main requirements to reach the Whale-level. But I’ve noticed that you also have a nose for football. What are your thoughts about the upcoming* season by the way?

I really hate to follow the majority but a Philly vs. Indy Super Bowl looks good right now. Philly 27 Indy 20

MVP – Manning
SB MVP – McNabb
Rookie of the year – Roy Williams

No,no… I’m not talking NFL. There are far more important seasons ahead. We are both participants in the Indian Whale Showcaseleague. I was thinking we could spend some questions analyze that evil-nest. Any reflections on the teams? Draft?

Oh! You want to talk about the important stuff now. eh? Well in my opinion Agenda has the most balanced team as of today. But we all know what that means, right? Everyone else including myself has more question marks than his team. Some easy examples are sm_omlor only having 3 WRs and all of them have uncertain situations. Or Wyatt with Maddox and Harrington to lead his team this year. Not to pick on them but those stand out to me.

I’m glad to hear it since Agenda’s team remind me of mine (he has fewer risk/reward picks though). Who else has a realistic shot at the Great Whiteness… Give us your top three. And what about your own team? Contender?

Top 3 will be agenda, mary handsome and my team. If you had a real RB2 then you’d probably knock me out of the top 3. Too many questions with your RB2 options, but you know that already. Boldins injury keeps stank off the top 3 list as well. All the other teams have no chance, they might as well toss in the towel.

Final question about the Indian. The pre-season heat is on in the Indian Sharks Tank. Seems to be you and Agenda vs The Stankweasel. So here’s a free shot for ya! Stick it to him…

1 – Me and Agenda are right.
2 – Stank is wrong.
3 – His receivers really stank.
4 – I’m glad I get to beat them both this year.
5 – And you too.

Here is were the interviewer went a.w.o.l for about a month, leaving our “victim” hanging. I apologize to Davlar and all his fans for having to wait. Sorry.

So I’m back. Hope you didn’t miss me to much?

No problem taking a break, that way I could devote more time to dominating the Indian Whale Shark League.

I’m amazed that you just didn’t continue this interview on your own.

I actually spent most of my time moving threads off the Main Tank. Just joking guys, lol.

Ha, ha. Well, you know I owe you one. Let’s end this shall we? Since we have advanced 3 weeks into the season since the last time; What is your early thoughts?

I can’t believe how bad the Chiefs look so far and how good the Jags have looked. We’ll see how they do against Indy this week before declaring them the next Baltimore.

And how are your FF-teams doing?

2-1 in Indian Whale Shark League, 1-2 in Pacific Blue Shark League, 3-0 in local TD only keeper league.

What has been your best and worst draftpick so far?

Best pick would be Roy Williams at 9.10 in the Indian League. Worst would be Duckett at 4.03 in the same league.

Any classic bonehead manouvers you would like to share?

Week 1 in the Indian Shark League I benched Taylor because he was injured and I had Duckett so why take the chance on Fragile Fred? Well I lost by 6 points to Oilersnut. Taylor 9 points vs. Duckett 1 point. Classic overanalyzing, I benched my first round pick and paid the price.

Ouch. Rookie misstake! Well, I guess we are both itching to get this interview done before you reach 2000 posts so let’s use the famous “Cleffedup’s lightning round” mode to finish this up. Ok, here we go:

Out of all members in the Tank, who’s the most likely to crack you up?


What’s in Supersocks basement?

The gimp

Favourite movie quote?

“Dyin ain’t much of a livin, boy.” Josey Wales

Best advice you’ve got from the Tank so far?

Tom Brady is God

Best thread ever?

Easily the MattheuofVa monster.

Ginger Lynn or Martha Stewart?


You get to pick the next President and cabinet from members of the Tank. Who would run the country for the next four years and what would their jobs be?

Holm – President
Anyone who can keep this bunch together and facilitate the needs of this site without charging gets my vote.

Hemol – VP
The prez needs a real bulldog backing him up and Hemol can spew facts and figures with the best of them.

Pat – Attorney General
Can’t waste his law skills on the VP job.

The Bomb – Secretary of State
No foreign dignitaries could refuse her whip.

Action – Secretary of Defense
His rabid defense of Brady showed his ability to deflect all comers.

Chicken or Bacon?


Three Items you can live without.

Cigarettes, Tampons, and Mushrooms.

Excellent! Can’t understand how you would handle life without tampons but other than that you did great. This brings us to the end of this loooong interview. Since I know the guys are waiting for this; Time for your personal shout outs. Any favorite poster? Do you have a nemesis in the Tank perhaps? Or are re there any of the newer members you would like to mention?

My favorite sports poster would have to be Action and my favorite political poster would have to be Hemol. They both can slam you with facts and statistics that will numb your mind. As far as comedy nobody can touch HND. He is hands down the funniest guy on here. Stank, Trilogy, Tazz, Agenda and yourself are all guys that I look forward to debating and laughing with for years to come. As far as new guys go, muscleape,txnhuss and stevieQ seem to have what it takes to live in the tank. Sorry to all I left out but it’s about 1am and I’m running on empty.

I think thats it. Or do you have any final advice to your fans out there?

Fans? Yeah right, good one. My advice to anyone out there would be to bookmark this site and forget about all the rest because their just chum.

Thanks man. You’ve been a good sport and once again I’m sorry this took so long. I might aswell congratulate you on your next 1000 posts since you’re only 150 away.

Thanks for the help and I hope you can pull that team together in the Indian Whale Shark League. Just don’t go thinking that you’ll beat me.

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