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Is Tom Brady a Top 5 QB?

The quarterback is literally the field general of the game. He is the man calling the shots in the trenches and the man who is most capable of making or breaking an entire team, and why not, he’s the only guy on offense that touches the ball on every single snap (other than the center, of course). I write this article mostly for all the people freaking out over Tom Brady

s loss of weaponry. This man is a workhouse, a true schemer and is as intelligent of a football player as they come. People give Peyton Manning all the credit for being the smartest quarterback in the game, but I don’t think enough consideration goes to Brady, who is just as deserving of similar recognition.

When you think of the Miami Dolphins in the late 1980s and 1990s, do you think of O.J. McDuffie, Mark Clayton and Mark Duper? Or do you think of Dan Marino? When the Arizona Cardinals went to the Super Bowl in the 2008 season, was it mostly on the hands of Kurt Warner or Larry Fitzgerald? Albeit both had a strong hand in the run to the Super Bowl, Fitzgerald has fallen off quite a bit since Warner’s departure and the arrival of Kevin Kolb/John Skelton. Is that because Fitzgerald has declined? No, absolutely not, it’s because of subpar quarterback play.

Sure Joe Montana had Jerry Rice, but what happened when the Kansas City Chiefs signed him in the twilight of his career? He took them to the playoffs in both the 1993 and 1994 seasons. Does anyone remember who he was throwing to in those years? Tim Barnett? J.J. Birden? Willie Davis? I didn’t think so.

When we look back at the legacy of Tom Brady we won’t think of Reche Caldwell, Tim Dwight, David Givens, Troy Brown, Bethel Johnson, Brandon Lloyd, Matthew Slater, David Patten or Donte Stallworth. We may remember Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski (also Aaron Hernandez but maybe for different reasons …). However, the names we won’t remember far outweigh the names we will. Brady is just one of those guys that make everyone else around him that much better. You don’t get to eight Pro Bowls, win three Super Bowls (two as the MVP) in addition to a myriad of other accolades and records without truly being an elite player. Love him or hate him, he is one of the greats and will always be remembered as such.

As a Dolphins fan, you shouldn’t have to guess which side of the fence I sit on in regards to the previous statement but I have to admit he’s a true master of his craft and unfortunately … he is exciting to watch. He’s got excellent decision making skills, the leadership, the accuracy, the power on top of one of the quickest releases in the game. The skills needed to make almost any receiver look good.

So, will Brady end up as one of the top-5 fantasy producing quarterbacks again this year? Yes, yes, he will. I’m sure one of the rookie wide receivers will shine, and as long as Danny Amendola is healthy he will definitely produce for them as well. Gronkowski is hurt, but he will be back this year (eventually) and when he does you will wish you had drafted him in the mid rounds of your leagues draft. Brady is still worth a top-5 quarterback pick, and if he manages to drop to the third and fourth rounds as he has in most mock drafts that I’ve been witness to, grab him, grab him and start him each and every week with confidence.

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