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Is Zac Stacy a Late 1st Round Pick in 2014?


I’ll be the first to admit I that didn’t have a clue about Zac Stacy entering this season. Having come from Vanderbilt, all I saw were his college numbers. Over two full seasons as the Commodores’ starter Stacy had amassed back-to-back 1,300 yard seasons (all purpose), while averaging 5.4 yards per carry. Let’s remember this is Vanderbilt, a college known more their crew (the rowing to you and me) than football. I needn’t also remind Vanderbilt plays in the semi-pro league known as the SEC.

So, what do I know now? Zac Stacy is bulging with talent. At 5’ 8”, 224 lbs Stacy possess uncanny speed for a big man with 4.55 wheels. Combined with excellent vision and burst, he is a truck, especially near the goal line, hitting the hole reminiscent of Eddie George.

Speaking of George, that brings us to Jeff Fisher. An old school defensive head coach, raised under Buddy Ryan, Fischer is a strong proponent of a balanced attack featuring a one-back system. This is the same coach capable of turning Chris Johnson into CJ2K. Stacy is a virtual lock for 20+ carries per game, and all red zone looks.

Not convinced? Let me hit you with some stats. Since taking over as the starter in Week 5, Stacy has averaged 20 carries per game. That has correlated into 13.9 points per game placing him 8th in RB scoring. Even more impressive considering he dropped a 13.4 on the Seahawks, 7.2 against the 9ers and 14.7 against Panthers.

I should also point out that Stacy’s production has come minus QB Sam Bradford, RT Roger Saffold and C Scott Wells. Now facing eight man fronts, the rookie continues to get the job done. If Tavon Austin can live up to his 1st round hype, combined with the return of Bradford, on paper the Rams passing game should be a greater force in 2014.

So the question Jim and I agreed on is: Is Zac Stacy worthy of a late first round pick? Here are the guys I’m drafting before Stacy;

1) Jamaal Charles

2) LeSean McCoy

3) Adrian Peterson

4) Marshawn Lynch

5) Matt Forte

6) Knowshon Moreno

7) Reggie Bush

8) Eddie Lacy

9) Calvin Johnson

10) Le’Veon Bell


Eric couldn’t have made my rebuttal any easier. Since he’s laid out 10 players that he’d draft ahead of Stacy I’ll give you four more…

11) Josh Gordon

12) Dez Bryant

13) Julio Jones

14) A.J. Green

And I’m sure come August, 2014, there will be other players in the conversation. So to answer the question of ‘Is Zac Stacy worthy of a late first round pick in 2014?’ The answer is a resounding…NO!

Hey Eric, thanks for doing the heavy lifting on this one.

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