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Its that time of year again Raider fans

     It is that time of year again Raider fans, you know the time I am talking about.  It is the time of the year when your mind begins playing tricks on you and you actually begin to think that the Raiders might again be relevant.  It seems to happen about the same time every year and usually falls right between the end of the NBA season and the all star break in MLB.  It usually coincides with the annual release of all of those fantasy football magazines. 

     This year is no different. The feelings are there once again as the Raiders picked up an ultra talented offensive weapon for the second year in a row.  Last year you might remember that it took them the better part of the season just to get Jamarcus Russell into camp and then he did his best Ryan Leaf impression in his limited playing time.  At least this season the Raiders decided to get their heads screwed on straight and sign Darren McFadden to a huge contract making him happy going into camp.  They also decided to go out and break the bank for Javon Walker in a surprising move (unless your a Raider fan) for a guy who has battled injury.  In the mean time Walker has decided to make news by getting beat to a pulp and robbed on the Vegas strip. 

     On paper the Raiders should be able to make significant strides this year with a balanced run attack, a huge armed QB and a speedy receiver to stretch the field.  Those of us who has painstakingly followed this team know better.  If the past couple of years history teaches us anything it’s that the Raiders front office will find a way to mess things up.  The players will find a way to quit on their coach.  Their coach will find a way to flirt with going back to coaching in the college ranks.  Their star player will come out in the media and admit that he still smokes pot and he plays when he wants to play.  Actually scratch that last comment Randy Moss is now with the Patriots catching passes from “Mr. tuck rule” himself.

     In the end all my excitement will probably go down the drain quicker than the silver and black paint washes off my face following a home loss.  At least as Raider fans we can look forward to the NFL draft each year knowing that we have a great chance to finish number 1 at something.  The number 1 draft pick that is.  Look out AFC west the Raiders are coming for you!

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